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Include 'CASTE' in the UN 2030 Development Agenda!

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Pooja is 18 years old and lives in a small hamlet in Orissa, India. Her mother is a manual scavenger and her father is a construction worker. They barely have enough to eat and their makeshift home is washed away in the floods every year. She wants to study further but cannot because she has to support her family.

Pooja is an‘untouchable’, by caste, by birth. Sign this petition to help Pooja and others like her by making Caste as one of the UN 2030 Development Agenda.

Because of her caste, Pooja was not allowed to sit with other children or eat with them at school. Because of her caste, Pooja will have to lead the same oppressed life her parents have lived and have no escape from it.

Pooja is one of 160 million untouchables in India who live in inhuman conditions, are exploited and abused on a daily basis and are relegated to filthy and hazardous tasks and jobs.

The world leaders are meeting in New York to discuss the UN 2030 Development Agenda. They are going to talk about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including issues like addressing poverty, ensuring good health and reducing inequalities. But this Summit will never be successful unless they address the structural inequalities caused by the caste system. Sign this petition to ensure that caste becomes a focus area as part of the UN 2030 Development Agenda.

As part of the UN Summit, World Leaders have taken a pledge of Leaving No One Behind, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.  The pledge is ambitious, but it is not all-inclusive. It leaves out CASTE.

There are 260 million people around the globe like Pooja – 'Dalits' in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka; 'Burakumin' in Japan, 'Roma' in Europe, 'Osu' in Nigeria, 'Janow' in Gambia and Ghana, 'Neeno' in Senegal, 'Al-Akhdam' in Yemen, 'Baekjeong' in Korea,  'Quilombo' in Brazil, etc. All these communities are regarded as 'untouchables' because they have been traditionally forced by their respective societies to perform occupations considered impure and unclean.        

If SDG does not address social exclusion due to caste, it can never attain its goal of inclusive and equitable development!

We have seen the chaos and inequality arising from the caste system. It has to become an area of focus. If enough of us speak up, they will take notice and caste will become one of the points on the agenda at the UN 2030 Development Summit.

Help Pooja and 260 million others like her around the world to have a full life with all Human Rights!



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