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Today, "democracy" is an illusion. Voting on other to decide for us has nothing to do with being the soveraign.

Furthermore national governments, even if they were true democracies, will never fight for global interests, but for national ones. In a globalized world with multiple globle problems to fix national states will never ever be a solution to those global problems - not even all nation states together.

What we need is a true say in global governance. That is: We should have a direct say on UN decision.

Let´s send a messege to all polititions on earth and tell them that they need us, the people on earth. to finally get to the right solutions for our future threatening crisis - or better: let´s send millions of letters to them!!!

THANX for your contributino to a democratic world!



Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Dear democratically elected representative,

We know you think you are smart enough to fix our problems - but we are sorry to say: you are not!
Pleace be realistic and face it! And don´t be frustrated. As a matter of fact nobody would be able to fix this increadible mess anyway.
But we all together could be able to do so. So please foget about your gready power hungry ambitions and handle your power over to those who deserve it: the people of the world.


your world population

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