#SOSGalapagos STOP distant-water fishing fleets near the Galapagos protection zone

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¡Victoria! Thank you for your support in protecting the Galapagos!

Hello everybody! Here Veronica and Cristina, two young Ecuadorians who fight towards protecting the biodiversity and the environment of our country. This is why we decided to raise our voices to put a stop to the presence of long-distance fishing fleets near the protected area of the Galapagos Islands, especially when it comes to poaching and exacerbated hunting of protected species, an unsustainable practice that threatens the health of the ocean, the ecosystem of this area and our economic livelihood. To date, in addition to the more than half a million signatures collected worldwide in support of this petition, we have managed to get national and international media, decision makers, internationally recognized figures, and organizations to prioritize this issue on their agendas, hold dialogues, and work on defining more concrete actions to protect this hive of life, a Natural Heritage of Humanity. We believe that we have taken giant steps in this regard and that is why, although we are aware that there is still a long way to go, that we believe that we have met our immediate goal and that it is time to close this petition. Obviously, not without first thanking you greatly because these achievements would not have been obtained without you and your unconditional help with the cause, either with your signatures or by sharing this petition and helping us reach more people. This does not mean that we are going to give up the fight. We will continue to exhaustively monitor the situation and the measures that are being taken by the new government in order to protect these islands and the unique species that live in their waters. In fact, we invite you to follow the work of one of the foundations that has been most committed to the cause and with which we are working closely to keep the fight active, this organization is Mare Nostrum, a fully non-profit organization with which we have joined forces. Again, thanks for the interest, signatures and commitment. Together we achieve more! A warm greeting Veronica and Cristina Instagram Mare Nostrum: @marenostrum.fnd

Veronica Llanes
8 months ago