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August 26, 2014   8:28 AM

To Your Excellency, Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon,
To Your Excellency, UNHCHR Dr. Navi Pillay

To Your Excellencies, the 
Ambassadors Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary
and Chiefs of Mission of all UN Member Nations
in the General Assembly
To Your Excellencies, the Nations outside the
UN General Assembly, or those nations in it
not having a permanent mission:


the Palestine-Israel State Conflict of 2014
arises from multifaceted causes including
the policies of the United States, both 
externally and internally,

UN General Assembly be 
1) Drafted in committee
2) Adopted and PASSED by a majority vote
or a unanimous vote including abstentions
PROVIDING that the following SECTIONS
shall go into effect by 11:59:59 PM
New York time, on the date of the passage
of this or any similarly templated 

A) There will be a Permanent and Inviolable 
The UN General Assembly declares that a
humanitarian cease-fire shall be in effect in the
entire Former British League Of Nations 
Mandate of Palestine and the Al Quneytirah-
Golan Heights 
otherwise known as 
Israel And Occupied And Adjoining Areas
Involved In Warfare (hereinafter known as 
Egypt, Gaza, Israel and Lebanon
) between all
warring or belligerent parties (hereinafter known 
as and reduced in definition to Israel and Gaza)
notwithstanding the fact that there are 
other nations and organizations involved;
UNTIL 48 hours after a permanent cease-fire
arrangement is worked out for Israel and Gaza
by the 
United Nations Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission.
(NOTE:  This section, together with much of the
content of this petition as printed out on 
August 19, 2014, and as sent to over 120 
Embassies and UN Missions by telefax
from August 21, 2014 to August 25, 2014,
came into effect on August 26, 2014;
several hours after this Change Dot Org
petition was published as such).
This Permanent and Inviolable Humanitarian
Cease-Fire shall commence on or before
August 30, 2014, at 11:59:59 PM Jerusalem Time;
whether the warring or belligerent parties agree
to it or not.
(As above, this section came into effect five days
after this plan was originally sent by telefax to the
offices of His Excellency, the Secretary General of
the United Nations; and Her Excellency,
the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and
several other UN Missions and Embassies which 
happened to be first on the list of over 120,
as described above.)

As a condition of this Permanent and Inviolable
Humanitarian Cease-Fire, Israel shall work with the
Palestinian Authority to make arrangements to lift
the blockade upon Gaza in five stages, beginning
on August 28, 2014, at 6:00 PM Jerusalem Time, 
and further lifted on November 28, 2014, further on
February 28, 2015, further on May 28, 2015, and 
finally ending completely on August 28, 2015 at 
6:00 PM Jerusalem Time.   The blockade shall be
phased out in favor of the phasing in of normal
customs arrangements wherein the Israeli
Defense Forces shall work in co-operation with
and under the authority of the Palestinian Authority
to administer customs in a manner which shall
be increasingly normalized throughout the five
stages of the lifting of the blockade upon Gaza.
(This section is already in process.)

The customs administration shall not be administered
by any local armed militia which is not under the
direct command of the Israeli Defense Forces.
(Eventually, this condition is achievable, and
beneficial for all parties concerned.)
The Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner of the
United Nations shall arbitrate any disagreements
involved in the blockade, upon the advice of 
reports sent to his or her office by the State of
Israel, and the State of Gaza, and the Palestine
Authority; according to due process of law.
None of the possible parties to this Agreement; 
that is, neither the Commonwealth of Australia, 
nor Bhutan, nor Brazil, nor Daruessalam Brunei,
nor Myanmar Burma, nor Canada, nor the Peoples' 
Republic of  China, nor Cuba, nor Cyprus, nor  
Egypt together with its possible federated entities, 
nor Ethiopia, nor Finland, nor the Republic of France,
nor the State of Gaza, nor Germany, nor Greece,
nor Hezbollah, nor the Islamic Republic of Iran, nor
Iceland, nor India, nor Ireland, nor the State of Israel,
nor the Republic of Italy, nor the State of Jerusalem
nor Japan, nor the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 
nor Kenya, nor the Republic of Korea, nor North Korea, 
nor the national and legitimate government 
of Lebanon, nor any local militia or subdivision
of de facto or de jure administration in Lebanon
nor Malaysia, nor Mexico, nor Mongolia, nor Nepal, 
nor the the Kingdom of the Netherlands, nor New Zealand,
nor the Kingdom of Norway, nor the Sultanate of Oman,
nor the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, nor the 
Palestinian Authority
, nor the Republic of the
Philippines, nor Poland, nor the State of Qatar, 
nor the Russian Federation, nor Rwanda, nor the 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Arab League, nor
Singapore, nor the Kingdom of Spain, nor the 
Kingdom of Sweden, nor the Swiss Confederation, 
nor the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab 
Republic, nor Taiwan, nor Thailand, nor the Republic of Turkey, 
nor the United Arab Emirates, nor the United Kingdom,
nor the United States of America and/or the
President of the United States, nor the State of 
Northern Territories/West Bank, nor the State of 
Golan Heights, shall have unilateral power to
enforce any part of this Cease-Fire Agreement,
other than that power given to any or all of the
parties to this Agreement by the Agreement 
itself, as approved by the Gaza Israel 
Cease-Fire Commission or by the Commisioner
of selfsame on an emergency basis.
The enumeration in the preceding Section
of any possible party to this Agreement does
not necessarily mandate that any or all of these
enumerated parties shall be full parties to this
Agreement, or that any or all of these parties
will be directly involved in this process against
their will: except that Israel and Gaza will be
bound by the Cease-Fire and arbitration and
blockade remission portions of this Agreement
and except in those specific ways which
are provided by the Sections of this Agreement or
subsequently on the authority of the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission or the
Commissioner of the selfsame Commission.
Neither does the enumeration in the preceding
Section, of any possible party to this Agreement
necessarily entail that each possible party to
this Agreement is in formal existence as a State entity;
but that it may come into formal
existence as a State entity at some future time.
All parties to this Agreement shall have the
power and paramount right to self-defense,
however that right shall not be construed to 
extend to the right to conduct after-the-fact
reprisals or retaliatory or revenge attacks
which shall no longer be justifiable nor
regarded as a legality as of the end of the
day when this Resolution, or any similarly
templated Resolution, shall have passed the
United Nations General Assembly. 
Whereas the Government of the Islamic 
Republic of Iran has made rightly spirited
statements in solidarity with the people of
Gaza, to the effect that Iran intends to arm
the people of Gaza due to the repeated 
attacks against them, this Agreement shall
call upon Iran to work with other nations who
shall be able and willing to assist, in order
to arm and fortify the good people of Gaza
with knowledge, by way of the building of an
international peace center in Gaza which shall
entail the diplomatic participation of various
nations and which shall also have diplomatic
privilege and status, as in the petition:
that is, the petition on Change Dot Org
"Heads Of State Build A Peace Plaza In Gaza"
which can be easily found on the Committee
of 37 Peace Initiative Facebook group page, 
founded in 2012.
Furthermore, the Islamic Repubic of Iran is
called upon to arm the good people of Gaza 
with knowledge, by building an undergraduate
secular University together with nascent 
graduate school annexes
containing a medical school, and a Reserach 
Center for Surgical Skills, and a Diplomatic
College, as well as schools to promote the
arts, culture, literature, music, independent
philosophic studies, a publishing house,
a recording and video studio, and the study of
languages, economics, business administration,
law, ecumenism, psychology, history, international
relations and politics, as well as general
scientific research for peaceful purposes
including agriculture, aquaculture, reforestation, 
poldering, desalination research, hydroponics, 
research in solar, tidal and wind energy,
reserach in alternative air-conditioning methods,
and a college to study the works of Iranian
and world historic figures and scholars and leaders
including the founder of the Islamic Republic
of Iran.
This University shall also contain a prison
off-campus within any and all prison facilities
in Gaza, for the edification of penitents
who are incarcerated or under house arrest
or other similar incarcerative conditions.
This University shall be open to inspection
by the public, and it shall be a demilitarized
area, with no relation to weaponry, and it
shall not provide sanctuary for any element
of violence; neither shall students or educators
be made to feel uncomfortable by the overbearing
and obvious presence of hypersecurity.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is called upon
to work with American dissident scholars and 
American victims of wrongful prosecution
in establishing, staffing and administering
this University, as well as scholars from
the Republic of the Philippines, Taiwan,
China, the Republic of Korea, the United
Kingdom, Ireland, Indonesia, Daruessalam
Brunei, France, the Netherlands, and Turkey
as well as other nations.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is called upon
to limit its arming of the people of Gaza
to that extent, which should prove 
satisfactory because knowledge is power,
and a cycle of violence is no adequate
substitute for the cultivation of knowledge
and understanding.
All parties to this Agreement are 
hereinafter bound by the principle that the
settling of all issues between the primary 
warring parties described above (Israel and Gaza)
shall be a matter of extradition rather than
reprisal or retaliation; and that all issues
left on the table or unsatisfied by the time
and date upon which this Cease-Fire Agreement
shall have taken effect, shall be eligible for
review by the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire 
Commission or the Commissioner thereof
at any future time.
Any victim of the Palestine-Israel State
Conflict of 2014, who is of Egyptian nationality
and/or Egyptian residence at the time the
victimization by warfare or accidental 
war-related action shall have taken place,
shall be eligible by law to file civil replevin
actions against Hamas for restitution for
injuries, for pain and suffering, and for
mental anguish.  Victims who have perished
under the definitions in this Section shall
be eligible for recovery on their behalf 
by the executors of their Estates, or by
their next of kin as certified by the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner.
Any victim of the Palestine-Israel State
Conflict of 2014, who is of Israeli or 
Palestinian nationality; and/or Israeli 
or Palestinian residence at the time the
victimization by warfare or accidental
or war-related action shall have taken
place, including police activities in the West
Bank Occupied Area of the Palestinian
Authority, shall be eligible by law to
file civil actions against Hamas for 
restitution for injuries, for pain and
suffering, and for mental anguish, 
in the context of any prior cease-fire 
which has first been violated by Hamas
or any subsequent cease-fire which 
shall have been violated by Hamas.
Victims who have perished under the
definitions of this Section shall
be eligible for recovery on their behalf
by the executors of their Estates, or by
their next of kin as certified by the
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner.
Reciprocal questions - that is, questions
of Israeli liability for damages inflicted
upon persons and property in Gaza, 
shall be contingent upon renunciation of
interstate violence directed against 
Israel by or from Gaza, by both the
Government of the State of Gaza and
the Palestininan Authority, and the
development of a comprehensive confederative 
arrangement as described in Section N
of this Proposal, as well as a certain duration
of non-aggressive behavior by Gaza toward
Israel, as stipulated under this proposed
Resolution.  By such arrangements, and not by
than brute force or hegemonistic policies,
shall the demilitarization of Gaza toward Israel
be effected, so that no longer will interstate
aggression between Gaza and Israel in 
either direction be possible as a condition
deriving from the policy of either Israel or Gaza.

Israel and Lebanon shall make an
agreement, based on the Cease-Fire of
2006 and subsequent conditions and
occurrences and legalities, to extradite
any and all violators of the Cease-Fire
of 2006 who shall have caused a 
belligerent airborne attack against Israel
from Lebanon, to be extradited
to Israel for indictment, charging, trial
and possible conviction according to
due process of law.   This proposed
Agreement, as a Section of the 
Resolution to be enjoined by the 
United Nations or as a separate
codicil or as a provision separate from
the Cease-Fire Agreement between
Israel and Gaza, nonetheless 
ancillary to or a part of the same 
Resolution therefor, may or may not
be retroactive; however in any case
this provision shall be dedicated to
perpetuating and enforcing the Cease-Fire of 2006
and protecting the sanctity of that Agreement
from further violations.
Arrangements for restitution, emergency
aid for Gaza and Israel, emergency disaster
assistance for victims, and other international
assistance, shall be cleared through the
procedures, requirements and authorization
of the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission 
or through their offices in New York, Ottawa,
Gaza, Jerusalem, Cairo, Ankara, Oslo, Paris,
Riyadh, Seoul, Tokyo, or Moscow after
a certain date and time to be announced.
The enumeration of any particular location
in this Section, does not mandate that any
of these cities will include offices of the
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission,
or that other cities might not also have
offices of the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire
The Palestine-Israel State Confederation
blueprint for peace shall be made available
by the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission
to all parties to this Agreement as listed in
Section E of this Agreement, for study, and shall
be made available to the entire membership
of the United Nations, and to all non-members
who wish to access this blueprint for peace, 
as is now described in the petition:
that is, the petition on Change Dot Org
"All Governments Diplomats And Peacemakers
Support The Palestine Israel State Confederation
Blueprint For Peace",
which can be easily found on the Committee
of 37 Peace Initiative Facebook group page, 
founded in 2012.
Whereas war is the poison of humanity, and
it is most important to primarily eliminate the sin 
rather than to make the sinner a scapegoat for
an ongoing generalized curse upon humanity:
As part of the process of the replacement of
retaliation, reprisal and revenge attacks
with the processes of extradition and judicial
settling of all issues between the warring parties,
incarcerative conditions which may be ultimately
imposed on war criminals and other individuals
may offer the options of hostility deprogramming
instruction, peace studies instruction, history
instruction, instruction in breaking the cycle of
violence, non-compelled apology, non-compelled
statements of remorse, non-compelled repudiation
of past actions of violence by the incarceree, 
prison meetings between the incarceree and
families of the victims or the victims themselves,
and the option of eligibility for clemency based
upon clear evidence of reform and disavowal of
all further participation in the crimes of war and
the hostility which leads to war crimes and
perpetual warfare and the cycle of violence.
Capital punishment for crime, or in the context
of summary police actions; shall henceforth,
by the end of the same day on which this
Resolution or any similarly templated Resolution
shall pass the United Nations General Assembly,
be banned in the State of Gaza and in all areas
under the jurisdiction or occupation of the
State of Israel; and no law pertaining to capital
punishment by law or summary de facto capital
punishment shall be permissibly enforced. 
The Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission shall
be the repository for all reports of violations of
this Section, including episodes of capital
punishment which have taken place at any 
time during the calendar year 2014, whether
before or after the date and time at which 
this Section shall have taken effect. 
As of the date and time this Permanent
Humanitarian Cease-Fire takes effect, 
no further zoning actions or other actions by
the State of Israel or its assigns and agents
or contractors shall lawfully be permitted to
demolish, destroy, destructively trespass
upon, or otherwise attack in any manner
going beyond observational surveillance and
curfew enforcement, the home or residence
or lawfully owned vehicle or personal effects
or writings and papers of any individual, 
including olive trees, fig trees and vines; 
which are privately or personally owned under
the jurisdiction of the State of Israel, including
within the Occupied States of Gaza and the
West Bank: with the exception of valid acts
of prevention of clear and present danger or
imminent threat of crime or violence, the probable
cause for action therein which shall have been 
previously ascertained rationally and in accordance
with due process of law and due diligence.
Any disagreements with respect to this Section
including disagreements registered by witnesses
or third parties or concerned citizen observers;
may be registered with the Gaza-Israel 
Cease-Fire Commission.
In order to create an environment conducive to
lasting peace, by fostering a climate of justice,
the United States, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia,
Pakistan, Russia, the People's Republic of China,
India, Cuba, Italy, and North Korea shall be asked
to generally agree to abide by and diligently adhere to
recommendations of the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire
Commission and/or the Committee of 37 Peace
Initiative, in granting pardons, commutations, 
remissions of fines, restorations of lost property
and vehicles and personal effects, expungements,
emergency disaster assistance, legal reprieves,
restoration of credit by due processes, and 
diplomatic immunity in some cases, to certain
victims of wrongful prosecution or excessive 
sentencing in violation of law.   In this Section,
the President of the United States shall be
required to set the example for Israel, for Gaza,
for the Palestinian Authority and for the other
countries listed in this Section, by the following

First, no later than October 12, 2014, the President
of the United States shall have completed all 
expungement-related and commutation-related grantings 
of the complete range of pardons and reprieves
requested in the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve,
according to the stipulations described in an
e-mail to the good offices of the Honorable
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, on December 11, 2012;
and shall have notified the grantees accordingly,
diligently, discreetly and in a timely and kindly manner, 
together with the completion of a report to the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission and Commissioner 
which shall have been registered with selfsame
no later than October 15, 2014.

Secondly, no later December 13, 2014, the President
of the United States shall have completed all
expungement-related and commutation-related
and exonerative and expungement-related provisions
requested in the grantings of the complete range of 
pardons and reprieves requested in the Ancillary List of 
37 Pardons;
requested and listed HERE:
that is, https colon double foward line www 
dot facebook dot com forward line groups forward line 
126111847544449 forward line permalink forward line
274285582727074 forward line (or forward slash);
in addition to the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve list
also listed on the same link, and which shall
have already been granted according to this Section.
The completion of the report attesting to the
granting of the full range of the Ancillary List of
37 Pardons shall be registered with the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner no later
than January 9, 2015.
Thirdly, no later than December 18, 2014; the 
President of the United States shall have completed
all initial financial compensation to each of the 
individuals listed and named on the 52-part Pardon
and Reprieve list and the Ancillary List of 37,
to an extent not greater than $25,000 per each
individual listed on both lists; and without prejudice:
that is to say, without precluding additional reprieve-related 
compensatory and emergency disaster payments
to be decided upon and granted in the future by
the President of the United States.
The completion of the report attesting to these
grantings of Reprieves in the form of compensatory
emergency disaster assistance and partial or
full payment for damages shall be registered with
the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner 
no later than January 15, 2015.
Fourthly: No later than January 1, 2015,  the
President of the United States shall either
have appointed Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati of
California to the Office of the Pardon Attorney,
or shall have requested a report from Dr.
Al-Bayati, with Dr. Al-Bayati's recommendations
for pardons and reprieves.   The report attesting
to the successful completion of either action 
shall be registered with the Gaza-Israel
Cease-Fire Commissioner no later than January 10, 2015.
Fifthly:  No later than February 6, 2015, 
the President of the United States shall have 
granted an additional 3,500 Reprieves and Pardons.
The report attesting to the successful completion
of these grantings shall be registered with the
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner 
no later than February 28, 2015.
Sixth:  No later than March 5, 2015, 
the President of the United States shall have closed
Guantanamo prison and detainment facilites
in entirety; any remaining prisoners shall have
been either released on recognizance, or 
transferred to a detainment facility on Jarvis Island
and their cases be heard by a United States court;
or alternately; arrangements may be made between
the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America
which stipulate that since the area of the Guantanamo
US Naval Base has never been under the direct 
administration of Cuba, that the base is, pending future
negotiations between the United States and Cuba,
a de facto and de jure territory of the United States
which is no less under the jurisdiction of the United States
in terms of Constitutional processes, than if it were
part of one of the United States or its territories: 
and that therefore, Constitutional protections apply
to the detainees or inmates at Guantanamo -
which arrangement shall be considered as having
satisfied the Presidential promise to close Guantanamo
prison and detainment facilities as they have been
The inmates or detainees remaining at Guantanamo
shall be eligible for re-educational programs and clemency
arrangements, such as the educational programs and
clemency arrangements described in Section "O"
of this proposed Cease-Fire Agreement or any other
agreement templated upon this proposal; and these
detainees or inmates shall also be eligible for visits
by family and others on a humanitarian basis, under
supervision, conditional upon participation and progress
in such re-educational programs.  Release may be
further made conditional upon successful completion
by detainees or prisoners of such re-educational programs.
No later than May 15, 2015, the following nations on
this list shall have released the number of prisoners
or granted clemency ahead of schedule to a certain
number of parolees or others under undetained 
incarcerative conditions, which clemency and release
may include expungement of the record and exoneration
and pardon, as well as remission of fines and
quashing of bail; according to the following enumeration:
USA:  An additional 245,500 nonviolent incarcerees
including early expungement of parole and probation.

People's Republic of China:  185,750
India: 91,000, including expungements of the record
of incarcerees who are already free on bail or
on conditional early release.
North Korea (DPRK): 89,750 released from prison
or from labor camps.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan: 14,440; and
an end to punishments based solely upon religious
The Islamic Repubic of Iran:  11,900; and an
end to punishments based solely upon religious
Egypt:  525 commutations of capital punishment
sentences, and 35 prison releases and pardons.
Saudi Arabia:  A ban on all future capital punishment
sentences, and the release of 50 incarcerees from
prison or parole/probation or flagged conditions; and
an end to punishments based solely upon religious
Russia: 45 pardons and/or commutations.
Cuba:  35
Italy:  20
Based upon that example, the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission shall, upon
completion of study, recommend clemency for
a certain number of people in Gaza and in Israeli
custody, no later than October 15, 2015.
Neither under the jurisdiction of Israel or Gaza shall
punishments based solely on religious hegemony
be permitted; after October 15, 2015; the same 
shall be true of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem;
laws attested to be so based shall be submitted to 
the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission for 
study, by no later than July 14, 2015; upon which 
the Commissioner shall list laws considered to
be based upon punishment based solely on 
religious hegemony, by no later than
September 4, 2015.
Any individual, having been reported to the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission, as a 
suspect in authorizing or ordering a war crime
against people in Israel or in Gaza shall; 
upon recommendation of the Commissioner,
be henceforth ineligible to hold any position of
public trust under any Government.  The 
method of removal from office shall be 
notification of resignation, or the signing 
of a letter of resignation, by the individual(s)
named by the declaration of the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner.
The timing of these resignations shall be
decided by the 
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner.
The penalty for those so listed shall extend
no further than removal from office and
ineligibility to hold any position of public trust
under any Government, in relation to possible
or actual war crimes committed prior to 
August 30, 2014; in order to expedite
the process of the culling of possible war criminals
from Governments on both sides of this war.  .
There shall be a general election held in Gaza 
no later than May 25, 2015; and the victors in
this election shall take office no later than
May 31, 2015.   In the event of any contested
election, the Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commissioner
shall arbitrate the election and decide and declare
the victor, no later than May 29, 2015, by neutralist
methods.   The elections shall be conducted by
cellphone balloting;  with no more than two votes
permitted per cellular phone number.  There shall
be no limitations by age-restriction on eligibility
to vote; if any age can be victimized by the casting
of bullets in Gaza, there should be no age restriction
to cast ballots in Gaza.  Democracy is made for a better future,
so why not start that better future now?
Hamas partisans shall not be eligible to vote in the
2015 elections in Gaza, unless they have renounced
their affiliation with Hamas entirely or in some 
conditional manner; and included in these 
conditions must be i) a renunciation of aggressive
violence against Israel and against people of the
Jewish faith or of Jewish ethnic affiliation, as well
as ii) a resolve to do one's part to pro-actively 
break the cycle of violence.
U) A National Day Of Mourning for victims of all
descriptions, on both sides of the Palestine-Israel
State Conflict of 2014, shall be jointly declared by
the Government of Israel and the Palestinian
Authority, as well as the Government of the
West Bank and the Government of Gaza,
no later than October 31, 2014, and to be 
proclaimed simultaneously by the heads of
state and local authorities in every jurisdiction
in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, 
and jointly and simultaneously observed
throughout the areas affected by the war;
condolences are also to be officially 
expressed with regard to victims of the
war in Egypt and in any other country.
The National Day of Mourning shall not
involve blame or the assessment of guilt;
but shall completely be dedicated to the
value of human life, and the grief which
transcends advocacy for one side or the
other in the recent conflict.
V) There shall be announced jointly, by
Israel and Gaza and all other parties 
involved in this war directly, a 
National Day of Repentance From War
And Hostility, to be observed similarly
as described in Section "U", to be held
no later than or on December 8, 2014.
W) The Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission
shall design and sponsor cultural exchange
programs in which a limited and selected
number of individuals are eligible to 
participate, in order to promote greater
mutual constructive understanding.
X) The Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission
shall be composed of 9 members including
the Commissioner, and each member shall
have an office staffed with at least seven
assistants.   The first Commissioner shall
be from the Russian Federation, and shall
serve until December 15, 2014.  The 2nd
Commissioner shall be from the United
Kingdom, and shall serve until March 17,
2015.   The 3rd Commissioner shall be 
from France, and shall serve until June 12,
2015.  The 4th Commissioner shall be
from the United States, and shall be
appointed from the lists of individuals to
have been pardoned, in the 52-part Pardon
and Reprieve or the Ancillary List of 37;
and shall serve until September 15, 2015.
The 5th Commissioner shall be from China,
and shall serve until December 14, 2015;
after which time the Commission shall
choose from among its own members.
The Commission shall consist of one
member each from each permanent
member of the Security Council, as well
as two other members chosen by the
Office of the Secretary General, and two
members chosen by the Office of
the United Nations High Commissioner
for Human Rights.  Whenever any member
is unable to serve out his or her term for
any length of time for any reason, an
alternate from the same nation as that
absent member shall take his or her 
place on the Commission.  The Commission
shall operate and pass motions by majority
vote; there shall be no blackball or vetoing
of any motion.
Y) The Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission
shall have power to recommend to the 
United Nations General Assembly,
formal motions for the expulsion of any
belligerent party or  in the 
Palestine-Israel State Conflict of 2014
who fails egregiously or willfully to meet the
standards of this proposed Agreement
or any similarly templated Agreement;
and to recommend further sanctions such
as reductions in international aid, refusal
to recognize diplomatic credentials or
valid interlocutorial status of certain entities 
or certain individuals, war crimes prosecution,
prosecution of crimes (of commission or
omission) against humanity,
and damage assessments.
Z) The good offices of the Gaza-Israel
Cease-Fire Commission shall be open for business
on a 24-hour, 7 day per week basis
regardless of holidays, in order to maintain the
sanctity of human life and to address 
emergencies.  The good offices of the
Gaza-Israel Cease-Fire Commission shall
maintain several contact portals by
e-mail, telefax, telephone answering machine,
postal mailing address, and hotlines for
leaders of Israel, Gaza, the Palestinian
Authority, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey
and the United States, Russia, China, France 
and the United Kingdom. 
Moreover, the Commission shall be authorized 
(and funding arrangements shall be made),
to award peace prizes dedicated to the
encouragement of peacemaking in this context.
Any postcard addressed to the Commission
from anywhere in the world will be automatically
accepted, if it is properly addressed to the correct
location of the office, even if the postage affixed
is insufficient, so that the ideas that will be brought
to the Commission will be sufficient to the task.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,   PA   19028-0877

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