Umno Members - Please Leave Malaysia If You Are Not Happy!

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Umno as a Malay party must come to realise today that the party is no longer wanted by the majority Malays. 

Only the existing Umno members may still remain and die for the party but Umno is not the only party today for the Malays. There are already other parties which can represent the Malays. 

Therefore, Umno members must now accept to the reality that they no longer are relevant since many of the Umno officials are charged for corruption. 

It is their leaders and staunched followers whom may have profit so much through the party way of business wants to remain in the party however the majority Malays do not want to be in Umno anymore. 

Umno members must accept this reality since the majority Malays have voted them out in the last election. Umno is the main reason why Malaysia today is a fail country.  

To the members of Umno, please stop cursing and yelling at our current Government as you must respect the people's choice of Government. You should instead be more remorseful rather then to deny your leaders are mostly corrupted. 

 So if the families of Umno leaders and their members are not happy with the present Government, then please leave the country.

This are the words of Umno President who once told Malaysians to leave the country if they are not happy with the Government. We believed Karma have just visited him today. 

Malaysians are now urging the new Pakatan Harapan Government to ban Umno as a political party since it has done deservice to the Malay community and the people of Malaysia. Due to the massive corruption where Ummo leaders have now been charged, it is only rightful that Umno is ban from operating as a political party today. 

We also urged the Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and the authorities to conduct further investigation on every Umno leader and its members who may have profitted billions through massive contracts during the time of Umno led Government.