Petition to Restructure Construction Management Program at USG

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Who We Are
Students in the Construction Management Program at UMES’s USG Campus seeking positive changes within the undergraduate program.
• We are students that believe we deserve better.
• We have come together as ONE voice because we believe all UMES Construction Management Students should have access to the high-quality 2+2 program as marketed.
The Problem
The University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Construction Management Technology undergraduate degree program at the Universities at Shady Grove is an upper division (junior and senior years) program providing full-time and part-time curriculum plans of study in construction management.
We believe that the UMES Program is dramatically underserving students in the program for the following reasons:
• CMT Program has failed to honor commitment 2+2 Program Articulation Agreements.
• CMT Program has failed the purposes of ACCE accreditation: Assuring quality, engendering employer confidence and easing transfer.
• CMT Program has failed to inform students of the Consortium Agreement required for financial aid eligibility purposes when taking classes concurrently at another institution.
• CMT Program has failed to provide balanced curriculum between residential and commercial construction industry.
• CMT Program has failed to support full-time employed students by enforcing local policy on attendance.
• CMT Program has failed to control student cost when implementing a new curriculum, placing unreasonable burden and hardships on students.
• CMT Program has failed to adhere to college-wide governing graduation policies as printed in the undergraduate college catalog.
• CMT Program has failed to provide enrichment opportunities compared to community colleges in the area.
• CMT Program has failed to provide an academic schedule of classes that would allow students to attain degree completion on a full-time schedule within the marketed two years period.
• CMT Program has failed to communicate changes to program catalog to students before implementation.
• CMT Program update has failed to provide more emphasis on management and application of available technology for construction management.
• CMT Program update has failed to provide careful attention to the status of CMT students during the transition period.
• CMT Program course substitution matrix developed has failed to eliminate any graduation delays or hardships for CMT students.
• CMT Program has failed to meet the basic needs of students in the program and is overall demotivating.
By signing here, you agree to help us with our plight for these reforms:
• Having the say of students in any decision towards changes in the program catalog.
• A curriculum and education experience relevant to a career in construction management.
• Expert instructor-led courses by qualified individuals that result in a high level of student learning.
• Provide diverse career development opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills.
• Set up and manage CMT Program administration and management systems to efficiently document and monitor the progress of students in the program.
• An adequate semester schedule of classes to meet the needs of students in the program.
• Conformance to Articulation Agreements.

We should be the priority as students of UMES, but we aren’t being treated like it. Together, we can change that.

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