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UMD Campus Workers Need Safe Transportation During "Crime Time"

The University of Maryland has a reputation for fostering negative workplace environments, as for years workers have been bringing forward claims of racist, sexist, and xenophobic abuse. Many workers qualify for food stamps, and are below the poverty line. They frequently experience attacks from untrained, unqualified supervisors. They are punished with greater workloads for speaking out, while those few supervisors who are disciplined are simply made to attend a training session or watch an orientation video. 

Now, campus workers, students, and community members are speaking out. And they are demanding a return of the worker shuttle system on campus.

Some University of Maryland campus workers have to be at their stations by 4AM at different building's across the University's expansive campus. There was once a shuttle system that brought workers safely to their assigned buildings, and prevented them from walking during the University's self-proclaimed "crime time." Now, however, they must walk to their stations, which makes them vulnerable to sexual harassment, abuse, or attack. Chief police officer David Mitchell has publicly endorsed the re-introduction of the shuttle system, but to make this a reality, the University administration will need to act.

Letter to
President Wallace Loh
University of Maryland Administration
The University of Maryland Administration must re-introduce a shuttle system to take housekeepers and other workers to their early-morning and late-night stations. It is not safe for them to be required to walk across campus to their buildings at 3 or 4AM. These are the most dangerous times of night to be on the University's campus, and walking alone leaves them open to mugging, harassment, and attack. This lapse in worker safety adds to the persistent problem of worker abuse at the University of Maryland. Workers have been voicing concerns of racist, sexist, xenophobic abuse for years, and have received little to no help from University Human Resources or President Loh. In an environment with minimal opportunity for career advancement, education, or training, and with salaries that put them below the poverty line, the least the University of Maryland can do is keep its workers safe from nighttime attack.

We ask you to heed Chief police officer David Mitchell's endorsement, and reinstate a shuttle system for workers on campus.