Change our Town's Water Tower to Hotdog Water

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   Our town water supply is disgustingly crystal clear and that needs to change! We over at the Hotdog Water Restaurant™ will donate our supply of murky Hotdog Water to the town's water tower. This will give a bountiful amount of delicious hotdog water to our people. It will filter throughout the Community centers and water systems.

   Imagine a world where you can wake up and brew a warm cup of hotdog water in your very own home. Our school/park's drinking fountains will release a cold stream of hotdog water that will refresh all our needs after a fun Community game of Tug of War sessions. It's been scientifically accurate that hotdog water adds years to one's life. Grandma Linn has been drinking hotdog water ever since the age of 2, she is still alive and kickin' at 94.7 years old (Don't mess with her in the Frisbee Olympics).  With this change our Community Firefighters will be using powerful hotdog water that will put any fires within seconds, Hotdog Water will save Lives.

   I leave you with this, I Bill Von Beckelton CEO of Hotdog Water Restaurant™ will do everything in my power to keep our Community Healthy, Strong, and Happy.


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