Book Martin Garrix for Ultra Europe 2019

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2019 is the year Ultra Europe returns to Split, Croatia for the sixth year in a row.

It has been my dream to experience the amazing atmosphere and the wonderful crowd combined with dance music´s biggest artists spanning over 3 days, ever since the first edition. This year, I have finally decided to go after 3 years of watching every aftermovie and imagining:

"Standing in the crowd surrounded by people who love EDM as much as I do under the dark night sky with twinkling stars. Even though its night time, the heat emitting from the crowd is still galloping over my body. The air is filled with excitement, anticipation and tension that you could cut through. All until the very last moment when the silence is broken by screams and shouts of happiness as soon as His intro starts and shivers go up and down my whole body, eyes start to fill with tears of euphoria. The same feeling that at least a thousand of people feel with me at that exact same moment."

However, with the release of the phase one lineup for Ultra, my heart has been struck with fear and worries. Martin Garrix has not been listed which for a number 1 DJ in the world, is not a good sign that he will be participating at Ultra at all.

With this petition, I'm hoping to reach the heart of every single Garrix fan, from far and beyond, to sign this petition and let Martin Garrix know that WE are in worry and let him know that our hearts deepest desires are to see him perform at Ultra 2019 in Split, Croatia.

I'm hoping to get an official statement from either Garrix and his team or Ultra Europe, if not the confirmation that he indeed will be playing there and making at least 50.000 people happy and joyous upon his arrival on the stage.

Thank you to every single one of the Garrix fandom for support and encouragement. 

Martin has 9 million followers on Twitter. My goal is to get at least 10.000 signs for starters. After that, the higher we go, the better.

Not only, when the petition will be successful, will you make my biggest dream come true but the dream of probably a thousand more people, craving to see Martin Garrix perform at Ultra Europe 2019.

Thank you!