Get Ulster Rugby to drop Kingspan

Get Ulster Rugby to drop Kingspan

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Started by Piers Dalgarno

In Northern Ireland, Kingspan employs 450 workers at operations in Ballyclare, Portadown, and Newry. The company has a high profile presence at sports grounds, including the home of Ulster Rugby.

The first phase of the Grenfell Inquiry concluded that cladding put on the tower block during refurbishment fuelled the fire which killed 72 people. In 2020 the Inquiry heard that the K15 insulation which Kingspan was selling had turned into "a raging inferno" when it was subjected to a fire test. The hearing was told that the company  continued to sell K15, using a test result from a previous version of the product.
Giving evidence to the inquiry last November, a former technical project lead at Kingspan admitted he was involved in a deliberate calculated deceit carried out by the company - aimed at achieving the best possible sales for its insulation products.
In October 2020 Kingspan withdrew three large scale fire test results for K15 after admitting the product tested did not represent what they were selling.

Mercedes (Lewis Hamilton's F1 team) has cut its Kingspan sponsorship. Ulster Rugby has portrayed itself as an organisation with high morals and should not associate itself with Kingspan - cut the ties to Kingspan.


24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!