I am an Indian living in Glasgow, Scotland for last 8 years.

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HI every one 

My name is Pankaj Dubey and I am currently living in Glasgow, Scotland for last 8 years. I studied here worked here and married here with British citizen. I had applied for Indefinite leave to reman in UK in November 2014. My application was rejected in July 2015 after the interview by home office in Liverpool. I then appeal in court but i was rejected again by court then I applied again on the base of family life in UK in feb 2017. My application is still pending with UKBA. In December 2017 my mom died but as only son of my parents i even cannot go to India for her funeral. I am now going through depression and other neurological problems. If i can get my ILR so that i can start my life happily with my wife here in UK. So this is my petition to get my stay here in UK with my wife as i am only support to my wife and she is my support. we cannot imagine my life without her. My future is here in UK.

So its my request to every one to help me and my wife to get my life here in UK.