Cancellation of exams as per government

Cancellation of exams as per government

1 July 2020
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Uka Tarsadia University (Registrar) and 1 other
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Started by Utu Students

On behalf of the students we are here to request that the semester exams of which are going to be held on the 2nd July , should be cancelled

Majority of the students have agreed with this point because , most of the students travel from public transport or private buses , at this pandemic time it is not appropriate to take physical examination 

There are several students who wish to continue their studies in foreign countries to pursue their career and if they end up getting infected with this covid-19 virus and somehow recover the immigration office will reject their request.

The students who are in containment or in red zone is also tensed about their future an don't want to delay their plans because they already have waited for long, the administrators said that they are conducting exams because students have to internship , foreign education or attending job then what about the students who are in containment or red zone or if they are quarantined they also have to join internship as soon as, so, in this tensed situation the student residing in those areas will come to attend exam for sure , so who will be responsible if someone get infected from them. Does University management have proper data of students that from which area they are coming from and where they are now because many families gone to village for their safety in other districts and safe.

What kind of transportation service University has arranged for students to come to college for appearing in exam , does that vehicles are sanitized of disinfected ? Does their drivers are healthy ?

What if any students have symptoms and come to college without informing any authority who is responsible for that? That type of students will come to attend exam because they are stressed about exams and they also want to give exam as soon as possible . How University will identify them ? If any government official came to konw about that, the university might face some legal issues for allowing that student to appear for exam and there is 80% of the chance that the pandemic will not stop till the next year.

In case any students got infected by that the university will responsible for that.

It is a request from majority of the students that exam should be cancelled .which will stop students to travel from their village, will stop students to use public transport which will be beneficial for each and every students and faculty also , and it will be also beneficial for the students who are quarantined or in containment zone and red zone . We urge you to take decision one more time on favour of students.

Thank you


This petition made change with 49 supporters!

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