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I married my husband in September 2013. I am a citizen of the UK whereas he is an Indian Citizen. We became friends over Facebook in 2008 and our relationship florished as we got married. Our marriage has solely exsisted on Skype and phone calls. We applied for a visa in February 2014 and have been waiting for it to be approved.

The minimum financial requirement for him to come here is £18,600 pa that I should be earning. My salary package at the time was £16,000 - £22,000 pa with an average earning of £19,000 pa. I proved this to the UK Border Agency by submitting a letter from my HR Director, a letter from my Line Manager as well as my agreed salary package letter given after passing probation. 

However they asked for my wage slips and bank statements and have calculated my earnings through this. I was not informed of this bespoke calculation, as I have been off work taking many sick leaves due to my back injury and operations. They asked us to withdraw the application or submit more documents. 

I then became so ill and depressed and developed a fear of going outside. I resigned my job as I was no longer fit to work and informed UKBA of my condition and the desperate need for my husband to be with me because I am not able to take care of myself. I had carers coming to look after me and I was then claiming Employment and support allowance and applied for personal independance pay. 

The case officer who was looking after our application in the British Deputy High Commission in India (BDHC) advised that it would be suffice if I simply sent a doctors note detailing my current health condition. After I sent this through, I simply waited; no responce. After numerous days of calling and emailing and having no luck with anyone explaining why my husbands application was still on hold, I decided to go to India. 

After refusing to heed my doctors advise to not travel, I borrowed money from my mother to travel to Chennai where my husband lives. I met with the case officer who advised me that I had to withdraw my husbands application and reapply under a different criteria (criteria for disabled people). They say they would have accepted the letter from my doctor if I was disabled at the time of the application! Bear in mind that to apply for a settlement visa it is roughly £900 each time. I asked them if there was any other way progressing the current application. I asked them if I can show funds in my husbands name as he did have some savings. They asked us to submit some bank statements and any other documents that could support the application.

After aquiring all the bank statements and super annuation funds my husband had from Australia and a net worth certificate from an auditor, we sent all this off to the BDHC in India - Chennai. 

On friday the 01st August 2014, my husband had a call from BDHC asking us to withdraw the application within 7 days. When he asked them why, they were unable to answer and simply said the documents that you've submitted does not meet the criteria, please withdraw your application! They did not send this in an email but a casual call that was not recorded! 

I have emailed them assuring them that we will not be withdrawing our application. It is within their rights to reject it but not ask us to withdraw it.

We have been in love for such a long time and it kills me not to be with him. I am so distressed and depressed each day. I cannot live without him. What can I do!? He is my husband and surely I deserve the right to live with him. Each day that passes is a day that I lose from my marriage. I'd rather die than live like this. I really can't do this anymore.

The reason I've come here is because I've lost hope on the visa. I know they would find a way to reject it and I just want justice.

If I don't deserve to live with him, I don't deserve to live at all. Please help me! I beg you, each day we touch the screen of our laptops pretending as if we're touching eachother. I can't sleep anymore. 

Both of us cry day and night. Please help us be together. We need your help. I plead you. Please help me! I beg you! This pain is unbearable. 

Thank you for the time you've taken to read this.

Yours Faithfully,

Fiona Rajan (Maiden Name: Fiona Leslie)

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