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UK Survivors of Surgical Mesh Implants demand parity with Scotland

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Everyday in the UK more and more Survivors of failed Surgical Mesh Implants are coming forward to our UK Mesh Support Groups, in horrific pain and great distress, caused by mesh rejection, infection, mesh migration and erosion of mesh into their bowel, bladder and other organs, leading to major mesh removal surgery. This surgery is described by Surgeons as 'trying to remove chewing gum from hair" - Many have been injured so badly that they've been left with a stoma. A urostomy, colostomy, or both.
Mostly, we are left in agonising chronic pain. People are losing their jobs, their sex lives, marriages, friends, and their homes. Many have been injured so badly that they are left unable to walk unaided, or are in wheelchairs. Their lives will never be the same again.
Surgical Mesh Implants are used everyday in operations to repair Hernias in Men and Women, and they are also used to treat Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Women. 
There has been much in the media, recently, with many people speaking out in order to raise awareness of this Mesh Hell.

This is the tip of a Global Iceberg and some have tragically died.
There are as many as 500 legal cases ongoing in Scotland, today, and likely ten times this amount in the the rest of the UK, with many others planning legal action. There are  over 100.000 legal cases in America, and many other countries have started their fight for justice.  

Shockingly, there is no mandatory reporting of adverse events by Surgeons to the MHRA, and no direction to Patients to report problems caused by mesh rejection. There is no UK register of injured patients. Also disturbingly is that many GPs and Consultants have no idea how to recognise mesh rejection.  
Until all of these issues have been addressed, and until there are long-standing trials with long-term follow-up of Mesh Implanted Patients, there can be no TRUE  statistical evidence available to support the MHRA's rhetoric "The benefits outweigh the risk"   

In 2014 Scottish Mesh Survivors launched a petition in Scottish Parliament. Their "Hear Our Voice" Campaign was supported by all-party political MSPs, and Scottish Survivors succeeded in gaining an official call for suspension of the use of Mesh Implants in Scotland, pending a review. The review report was published earlier this year, in March 2017.  Everyone was bitterly disappointed as it was deemed to be a whitewash by Survivors and MSPs alike, amidst the resignation of two Consultant Surgeons and two Patient Representatives from the  Review Committee, due to the handling and 'cleansing' of the report, making it biased towards the use of Mesh. There was even a deletion of a whole chapter of the interim report before the  actual publication of the final report. 
The Scottish Suspension stays in place whilst a Review of the Review is going ahead.   
Earlier, in July 2017, over 100 Mesh Survivors from all over the UK attended a Lobby at Westminster, hosted by Owen Smith MP In support of Kath Sansom's 'Sling the Mesh' Group. Many people wept during the testimonies given, of the treatment and suffering of some of the Women. It was haunting, and something we will never forget. Owen Smith has now launched an all-party political group to investigate the safety and use of the use of Surgical Mesh Implants in the UK.

The expense of these shambolic reports must be enormous and a total waste. The damage to lives certainly is.

Below is an excellent article written by the award winning journalist Marion Scott, detailing why Alex Neil chose to suspend Mesh.



The People of the UK are calling upon their Governments to completely suspend the use of Surgical Mesh Implants. We demand PARITY with Scotland, until a full investigation into their safety and use has been carried out and a detailed examination of the harm it has caused Patients across Great Britain.


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Enclosed is an excellent newspaper article by Harriet Marsden  for The Independent.      

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