Stand with South Sudan - Stop the Prejudiced Agreement that Rewards Perpetrators.

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The current peace process mediated by the Heads of State of Uganda and Sudan is severely compromised and biased in favour of the leaders who illegitimately hold the country hostage, started the senseless war, and have no mandate of the people to govern or sign any deal or agreement on their behalf. 

Sudan has already signed an oil deal with the illegitimate government of Salva Kiir as part of this peace process, allowing them to restart pumping oil in South Sudan and bring their security forces to protect the South Sudanese oil fields. Given boarder disputes between our countries remain unresolved and South Sudan has previously accused Sudan of illegally selling off our oil, we cannot move forward and sign off our oil and its security to a government with such major unresolved matters between the two countries.

Sudan additionally proposed a security arrangement that allows Sudan and Uganda to provide security inside our territory without any regional or international mandate, making this an occupation of South Sudan by the two countries. No sovereign country should be forced into an occupation while the international community watches on!

Sudan and Uganda have demonstrated their partiality through negotiating a deal in the interest of perpetrators of the conflict who have engaged in harassment, torture, sexual violence, looting, destruction of property and murder of innocent vulnerable civilians, supporting a power sharing arrangement with five Vice Presidents, in a country where salaries are not paid for months on end and vulnerable people are dying of hunger. Because of this senseless war started by Salva Kiir, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, 2.5 million people are displaced as refugees in neighbouring countries and over 1 million displaced inside the country. 

On behalf of the people of South Sudan, we appeal to all peace lovers around the world, to sign this petition, requesting the international community, in particular the UN Security council, the African Union, the European Union, the UK and the US to categorically reject the agreement scheduled to be signed on the 5th of August, and intervene in transferring the negotiations to be mediated by trusted brokers, preferably the farina Union and the UN Security Council, so as to build trust and ownership in the process for a sustainable peace for the people of South Sudan. 

We therefore ask all peace lovers around the world to sign this petition and circulate it for others to sign, so that the International actors and decision makers can intervene and rescue the peace process, ensuring it proceeds in accordance with agreed international mechanisms and principles, and brings sustainable peace to the country and the people.

Thank you.