Protect NHS jobs and the right to choose

Protect NHS jobs and the right to choose

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Started by D C

I have had my booster and that was my choice...

I don't judge anyone for their choice one way or another....

I believe everyone deserves the right to choose for themselves what goes into their bodies....

In the next couple of days they will decide/pass the law that NHS staff could lose their jobs if they haven't had the vaccine!!!!

Lose their job/lose their right to choose.

Nhs staff have worked so hard through this pandemic (like other front line staff) and now they will be thanked by having their choices taken away.

The man on the news said "we saw with carehomes that as you approached the deadline, more staff got the vaccine" ... of course they did but the choice was have the jab or lose your livelihood!!!

He also said it was "to stop them spreading covid"... correct me if I am wrong but have they not said consistently that having the vaccine did not stop you carrying or spreading the virus?!?!?! As I understand it, it should just help stop the severity if I catch it!!!

Now is the time to stand up for your NHS staff.... the NHS staff have already been denied their payrise.... we need to protect their jobs.

Before the pandemic the NHS was already hugely understaffed!!!

I have my political beliefs on this but regardless this needs to be fought, I already know of staff having to get blood tests before starting employment with the NHS to check their vaccine status

98 have signed. Let’s get to 100!