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UK Prime Minister, US Congress, UN: We urge you to pressure the Kuwaiti gov to respect human rights

The security authorities in the State of Kuwait and during the last two years have committed a series of serious constitutional and human rights violations in order to suppress the peaceful protests launched by youth groups objecting against deep rooted government political and financial corruption, demanding through the introduction of political reforms the protection of the constitution and the state's national wealth.

The security authorities’ continued heavy handedness and repressive approach is seriously threatening the peaceful nature of the civil movement which has always conducted itself with the safety of both civilians and security forces in mind. In the aftermath of the Kuwaiti Authorities’ use of force to suppress all types of expression of opinion, including physically assaulting opposition members of parliament and youth activists, the fabrication of legal charges and their incarceration without legal justification and imprisonment, we find that things are heading towards the abyss. The Kuwaiti Government is not willing to listen, nor are we willing to backdown from our constitutional civil rights.

Our biggest crime as activists, from the point of view of the Kuwaiti Authorities, is our continued calls for political reforms against corruption and our refusal of any form of tampering with our constitutional rights. Instead of listening and responding to these calls for democratic reforms, the Kuwaiti Authorities has decided to drag opposition members and youth activists through the courts, using fabricated charges. It has also used exaggerated financial bail penalties, disproportionate to the type of the charges, in return for their release.

These fabricated legal charges against opposition members, activists, and users of social media such as twitter, has reached unprecedented levels in such a short period of time. These include charges relating to the using inappropriate foul language in addressing and criticizing the Amir of Kuwait's recent political actions, assaulting security forces, resisting arrest, participating in protests and disturbing the peace. If convicted, sentences for certain charges could reach life imprisonment.

We urge you to pressure the Kuwaiti government to respect its commitment to human rights and freedoms as mandated by both the Kuwaiti constitution and international agreements with the human rights organization.

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