Stop UK from Funding Weapons to Saudi Arabia for Coalition Led Air-Strike on Yemen!

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Did you know there are more than 5 air strikes a week on Yemen? I had an interview with a Yemeni citizen who is currently living in Yemen and reported to me that there are more than 5 air strikes a day in Yemen. Killing innocent civilians and human beings. 

Men, Women, and Children are becoming refugees, due to persecution and war in Yemen. However, the Saudi-Led coalition led strikes are ruining beautiful sights of Yemen, destroying houses and increasing the rates of homelessness and refugees. Due to the reduced usage, of medical facilities in Yemen. Injured people are affected by the Saudi-led air strikes, where can civilians go to for emergency care? Airstrikes are resulting in a disproportionately high level of civilian casualties.

All armed actors involved in the conflict, including the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis, are carrying out indiscriminate attacks without any respect for civilians or civilian infrastructures such as hospitals. Hospitals, civilians houses, businesses, religious/cultural monuments of Yemen are being destroyed.

Civilians are losing family and friends. Civilians are dying. Children are losing their parents. Imagine your country being air raided and the feeling of losing your relatives, parents, and friends. Having to leave everything behind and your country to become a refugee due to war, persecution and coalition led air strikes.

Unfortunately, due to the Saudi-led coalition air strikes and the British government funding the weapons to Saudi Arabia for these air strikes, this is the life for Yemenis at this moment. 

This is why signing this petition in the hope of the British government, to stop funding weapons to Saudi Arabia for the coalition led air strikes on, Yemen will save many lives of Yemenis. It will also decrease the number of Yemenis from becoming refugees and it will be safe for Yemenis to improve the situation in their country without war. We can get more aid workers into Yemen, better medical facilities into Yemen and make Yemen a safer and a happier place for civilians and for international citizens to visit Yemen. 

The British Prime Minister can make Yemen safety and medical facility improve by stop funding weapons to Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia can not use missiles without the British government, funding Saudi Arabia the weapons. This petition will make a huge difference to the situation and war, in Yemen.