End the Covid-19 Lockdown in the UK

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Why the lockdown should be relaxed:

  • Many people have already lost their jobs and are now struggling to pay bills. If the lockdown is not relaxed soon, millions of us will lose our jobs and livelihoods. Homelessness and debt will increase dramatically. 
  • If the lockdown lasts for longer, possibly 3 months, the impact on the economy will be devastating. Is the country ready to handle a recession that will affect us years, possibly decades, from now?
  • There is now a mental health crisis in the UK. There has been an increase in lockdown related suicides and suicide attempts. Keeping people stuck in their homes with no direct access to proper mental health services will undoubtedly make matters worse
  • Vulnerable children (those at risk of abuse) and women who are victims of domestic violence are now trapped with their abusers. Reports have shown that domestic violence killings have doubled since the lockdown. It is inhumane to keep these victims locked with their abusers. Their life matters just as much.

There are many more reasons why the lockdown should be relaxed. Every single one of us is affected by this mentally and psychologically.  

We demand freedom. End the lockdown.