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Cameron refuses to back ban on Sun's Page 3 topless images

Jaime Tanna
London, United Kingdom

Dec 2, 2013 — Cameron has said he would never support a ban on topless images on page 3 of the Sun newspaper, despite strong public opinion against it.

Could he be controlled by groups with their own hidden agendas?! It looks that way!

Pressed to explain the distinction between his proactive position on online pornographic images and his laissez-faire stance on topless images in newspapers, he said that it was "up to consumers" whether or not they wanted to buy the Sun... yet he wants to control the internet.

Smacks of a double standard, does it not?!

The founder of the No More Page 3 campaign, Lucy Holmes, said she thought Cameron's willingness to acknowledge the dangers of online pornography while ignoring the parallel dangers of topless images on page 3 of Britain's best-read newspaper was "peculiar"...

Cameron replied: "I am afraid I do not agree with her [viewpoint]. It is important that we can read all newspapers on the parliamentary estate, including the Sun."


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