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MPs trying to rush through a Gagging Law! How long before we follow China?!

Jaime Tanna
London, United Kingdom

Sep 23, 2013 — It is time to realise that censorship must not be tolerated. Governments, sadly, only care about controlling the people. That has always been their primary objective.

The cost is too high to bear.

16-year-old detained for being retweeted 500 times
16-year-old detained for being retweeted 500 times
In the first case of its kind, a teenager has been arrested after a post of his regarding a suspicious death on microblogging service, Sina Weibo went viral, Beijing Times reports. Here's the back story behind the tweet: A man was found dead outside a karaoke bar in Zhangjiachuan County, Gansu Province on September 12.

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