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Jaime Tanna
London, United Kingdom

Sep 10, 2013 — Dear Prime Minister,

It has come to my attention that "esoteric material" and web forums are to be included in the legislation which will block online pornography and extremist content in the UK by the end of this year.

If this is true, I would certainly like to know why, as well as why the public have not been informed?

Most "esoteric" material refers to spiritual websites that serve the greater good of humanity, and aim to uplift and inspire people to improve their lives.

I find it entirely unacceptable of the UK government to censor this material.

I am very concerned that in addition to preventing the citizens of the UK from accessing spiritual content online, this will also set a bad example to other democratic countries.

On behalf of thousands of other concerned people, please stop the censorship of esoteric websites and web forums.

I look forward to hearing back from you as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,



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