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Related Topic: "Gagging Law" being rushed through by the UK Government!

Jaime Tanna
London, United Kingdom

Sep 10, 2013 — The same government who wants to "protect the children" online is currently under fire for trying to implement a 'gagging' legislation to stop charities, NGOs and other third party organisations speaking out on vital issues before an election.

It is, in short, another serious threat to our freedom! You can learn more by listening to this video by 38 degrees.

Do you really trust this government's plans for default filtering?

When you add up all that is currently happening - it only points to one thing. The issue of controlling what information the public have access to.

Stand up for your rights before your FREEDOM is lost!

What is the Gagging Law?
What is the Gagging Law?
A short film explaining what the government's gagging law is all about and why it's bad for democracy. Featuring 38 Degrees, Guido Fawkes, Friend of the Earth, Baston Legal & HOPE not hate. To find out more please visit or search #gagginglaw on social media