Make Black History compulsory in the civil service, NHS and schools.

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Amidst the continuous brutality against Black communities and people, it is imperative that we make a change to our systems in both the workplace and the educational system. 

Part of the problems we see are a cause of ignorance and un-learnt racism, on behalf of the White community. We can partly solve this through the education and understanding of the problems Black people had to face and still have to face everyday. At schools, there should be compulsory courses on Black history and activism, particularly as a constant topic in subjects such as History, PSHE and English throughout KS1-4.

For those within the civil service and the NHS, understanding Black history as a regular compulsory course will not only prove important but life saving, particularly to those whose roles are to protect others, not threaten them as we have seen recently and throughout time. I have worked with children previously which requires a DBS check, likewise, it should be a compulsory course in teaching the struggles of the Black community and act as a qualification repeated continuously at least every year. 

It is clear that things cannot continue as they have been. It is not good enough. Anyone can make a change if they try hard enough and if this petition is noticed it could begin the change that has taken longer than need be.