is whole life order similar to the death penalty? Should the death penalty be reinstated?

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Over 50 counties around the world have capital punishment so why don't we?

We have done a survey and the majority think that it should be reinstated but only for specific crimes like genocide, serial killers, rape etc. We think that doing this will lower the crime rate for more serious crimes as the consequences will be harsher and will result in the taking of their life.

in a religious prospective, in the christens bible it say "an eye for an eye" meaning that if you take someone's life or do something horrible to a person then they deserve to have their freedoms and human rights removed.

even though some may disagree with us and say taking a life is wrong you have to think about the ghastly and sickening crimes that they have committed.

A way we'd like to achieve this is havening children taught about these sorts of horrendous crimes and teaching them the consequences from a young age so they will be fearful to commit or attempt any appalling crimes.

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