Young bikers license petition

Young bikers license petition

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Donna Holding
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‘Liams-law’ is aiming to make changes to the current law which stands from the age of 24 a person can apply for their 600cc CBT (a class A super bike) with zero experience riding a motorcycle. Newly passed riders are immediately  able to ride on motorways and even with a pillion, without any additional lesson for this dynamic (not currently covered in CBT) 

Our beautiful boy, Liam lost his life just three weeks after passing his test 600 cc CBT in September 2018. Despite riding safely, his sheer lack of experience handling such a powerful vehicle meant he lost control, and despite the emergency services extensive efforts, passed away at the scene as a result of his injuries. The law states that immediately after passing your test you are allowed to ride 600 cc bikes and upwards with no restrictions on the power of the vehicle if you are aged 24+. We are petitioning to change this law to be based on progressive rider experience and bike power categorisation. 

- Additional lessons on motorways
- Additional lessons on riding with a pillion
- Wearing appropriate protective clothing a legal requirement. 

Unfortunately motorcycles account for a large number of road casualties and fatalities within the UK. We are hoping that with this petition and appropriate measures in place it will have an impact on these statistics and numbers will fall, meaning less families will be faced by the tragedy of losing their loved ones in motorcycle related accidents. If this had been in place, things could of been different for our family, hopefully less families will be in the situation as a result of these changes.

 We are looking for 100,000 signatures required to take this to the UK government and pass Liam’s law, please like and share this with friends, colleagues and family.

                           Thank you so much