Working parents covid holiday relief fund

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Through the lockdown working parents of small children have been asked to continue to work from home, to home school their children and to not ask for support from friends or family due to social distancing guidelines.

This is taking it’s toll and many parents do not have sufficient holiday nor can afford to take unpaid leave. Working parents now find themselves in an impossible situation with schools set to stay closed until September,  and are suffering as a result, with children not getting the attention or schooling that they need and deserve whilst also not being able to perform their jobs effectively.

Working parents now deserve the support of the government to mandate and fund  additional leave until children are back in school in September. We are asking the government to cover 1 day per week for primary carers to educate their children and also find some time for some rest to avoid burnout and long term mental health issues whilst also being able to retain their jobs. This is a reasonable solution which ensure employers retain their employees and productivity, employees and parents don’t burn out, and avoid use of mental health resources, or benefits from long term sick or unemployment as a result being faced with an impossible situation.

Working parents are now relying on the government to offer their support to protect the mental health of parents and the wellbeing of their children through this very difficult situation.