Why are UK tax payers giving £300-400 million a year to a terrorist supporting Pakistan?

Why are UK tax payers giving £300-400 million a year to a terrorist supporting Pakistan?

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The Pakistani state has admitted to training Al-Qaeda and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of British soldiers and thousands of civilians across South Asia. Shockingly, it is now even spreading communal violence in the streets of London, and that too, alongside Labour MPs. UK taxpayers provide £300-400 million in aid to Pakistan each year. This has to stop until Pakistan halts all support for terrorism and violence.

In September 2019, the Pakistani Prime Minister admitted his country's military and intelligence service trained Al-Qaeda fighters. He did this in response to a question about how Osama bin Laden managed to stay in Pakistan undiscovered until around a decade after the September 11 attack in the US took place. He offered the relationships built during this training as an explanation to how this happened.

And evidence of Pakistan’s support for terrorists continues till this day….

A tragedy for British soldiers and their families

While the Pakistan military and intelligence services have been training Al-Qaeda and sheltering their leaders, 454 British soldiers and defence personnel have lost their lives in Afghanistan fighting Al-Qaeda and its associates.

A tragedy for British tax-payers

While it has been training terrorists responsible for the death of British soldiers, Pakistan has been receiving £300-400 million a year of aid from the UK government. In fact, it has now been the largest recipient of British aid for many years.

A tragedy for the Pakistani people

The biggest victims have been the ordinary Pakistani people themselves, as well as people in neighbouring Afghanistan, tens of thousands of whom have died due to terrorism over the last two decades.

A tragedy for the Kashmiri people

For decades, the Pakistani state has supported violent insurgents in Kashmir. In addition to the more recent violence mentioned above, let us not the forget the plight of the Kashmiri Pandit community, over 300,000 of whom were forced out of their homeland by such extremist groups during the 1990s and continue to live as refugees to this day. The Pakistani state is also accused of genocide and persecution of Shia and Sufi Muslims in Pakistan administered Kashmir, and of using this territory as a base for terrorist groups.

And now the Pakistani state is spreading communal violence in the streets of London

In August 2019, a Pakistani Minister of State, alongside members of the UK’s Labour Party, addressed a violent rally in central London. During the rally, stones, bottles and eggs were thrown at members of the public who were of Indian origin, including the elderly and families with children, and smoke bombs were used to attack police horses. A protester is on record as saying that the Pakistani minister paid for coaches to bring people from all over the country to participate in the violent protests in London.

As UK tax-payers you can demand that this changes

While the £300-400 million of UK tax payers’ money that is given as aid to Pakistan each year is well intentioned and supposed to be used for reducing poverty, the reality is that it releases the Pakistani government from having to taking responsibility for looking after its own people and frees up its resources for supporting terrorism and violence. This petition calls on the UK government to use its aid budget to better leverage Pakistan to stop all support of terrorist activities and promotion of violence across South Asia and, now, even in the UK. This leverage should include the threat of suspending aid and imposing economic sanctions. Once the international community it satisfied that the Pakistani state, military and intelligence agency have given up supporting terrorism and violence once and for all, the UK can go back to working together with Pakistan to deliver economic development and poverty reduction for the Pakistani people.

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