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WHAT PRICE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS - invest in real infrastructure

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SPRINKLER SYSTEMS - my grandfather spent a large part of his career as a master pipe fitter installing them in all sorts of buildings in Detroit Michigan in the 1930's!!
The latest tower block disaster must wake up those responsible for the prevention of fire in all public buildings, Hospitals, Schools, and, of course TOWER BLOCKS. They are not a new invention. Leonardo da Vinci installed one in the kitchen of a patron. They were installed in U.S. textile mills from 1852 (patented in 1872). In the UK in 1892 the THEATRE ROYAL in Drury Lane had a sprinkler system with 95,000 litres of water fed by a 10in (250mm) water main which branched to all parts of the theatre. That building was safe. How can you build a 27 story block of flats with out huge water storage on the roof and sprinklers on all stairways and hallways. May I also suggest that each point has the usual deluge nozzle with the addition of the fine mist spray nozzles developed to suppress smoke in aircraft fires. The PU foam and aluminium cladding should be dealt with.
What price sprinkler systems? - less than HS2

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