Vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson and the government

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Hold a public vote of no confidence against the current prime minister and the government. We the people feel let down and sacrificed in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic in order to protect our economy. We are being put through a 'herd immunity' experiment against world expert's advice.

We should not have to be ready for 'many of us to lose loved ones' this is an unacceptable response to a global pandemic and shows the incredible arrogance of the PM and the government to act against the advice of the WHO in these times. The pressure on the health services is a manifestation of the effects of austerity on our public services and the loss of 'our loved ones' is because of the systematic murder of the most vulnerable in society by decimating the care system through austerity. The government's lack of transparency in the current pandemic is appalling. The panic buying has been caused by lack of trust we have in the government to look after us over their pockets. This abuse of power has been going on for a decade now and here is the manifestation of it all. The government have made the rich even richer whilst the working class suffer. They have no regard for our safety or lives and are acting against the advice of the WHO.