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Vehicle thieves need to suffer as much as the victims do!

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Too many vehicles are stolen without "Just" consequences!

I propose that we change the way this is dealt with. Firstly all of the financial hardship that the victim suffers should be passed onto the one who has caused it. Nobody should have to suffer due to the actions of others

  • Any rise in insurance premiums should be passed on to the convicted thief and paid back via forced labour where they will be able to pay back their debt and also learn valuable skills that may even reduce the chances of reoffending.
  • If somebody steals a vehicle belonging to someone else they should be solely responsible for the replacement or repair including any recovery costs suffered.
  • Any property in the vehicle at the time should be replaced by the offender to the full value. 
  • Prison does not help it makes people worse. I propose that forced work with full time hours (or a heavy deduction in wages from their current employment) would be a more appropriate consequence until the victim is payed back in full.

Too many people can pick out their local bike or car thief in the area. The police have lost touch with the community and need to re-establish this as in some cases they have even been contacted advising of "the local thief's" current location and cannot do anything due to "lack of resources".

They have taken possession of something, that somebody else. Had to work for; and make sacrifices in their own lives! just to have it taken away?

I would like to call for the UK Parliament, The Sentencing Guidelines Council and the Ministry of Justice to look into changing the way theft is treated universally and take these points into consideration for each crime committed while they revisit their procedures on this crime that has destroyed so many lives.

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