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Urgently review release Risk Assessments of Indeterminate Public Protection(IPP) prisoners

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This is in direct response to recent personal experience and comes from genuine concern with regards to serious failures within the systems relied upon by the victims of extremely dangerous, convicted criminals, to keep them safe. My concerns also extend to the safety of the public as a whole.

After being involved in the instigation of a case leading to the conviction of a prolific and dangerous paedophile, who was given an Indeterminant Public Protection sentence (IPP) to reflect the severity of his crimes, I was to later discover that my abuser had been released to reside close by to my home, without my knowledge, any prior warning or any appropriate safety measures in place. I now also have a young daughter.

Despite the abolishment of IPP sentences, any re-assessment or release of such a prisoner and its associated risk should be taken seriously, managed appropriately and with caution in every case. I believe my experience clearly demonstrates that this is not currently the situation, victims are being left at risk, methods are not stringent enough and need immediate review.

I have since continuously experienced real difficulty in trying to be heard as a 'victim' and have the situation dealt with in such a way that I feel safe. This inability to have concerns heard or raised is meaning that others are similarly being left vulnerable and at risk of both physical and emotional harm.

I believe that, amongst other things, the circumstances and location of victims should always be considered before the release of such prisoners, I believe they MUST be considered if risk is to be assessed or managed appropriately. Victims should be spoken with in order for this information to be obtained and that information should be considered as part of the case for release.

I believe that the rights (and safety) of the victim should always come above the rights of the abuser should release be considered.

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