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URGENT Prevent Trump visit to UK

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The FUTURE of the Planet & Your Children Is being threatened by Donald Trump (45) & his administration.

#WeThePeople can not stand by and let the illegal president visit with the unelected PM to further their right wing agenda.


Some of us can't afford bread, or a home!

Please don't let this man into our country....

He is an evil, pathological liar. A conman, who allowed Russians to interfere in the USA elections and hack polling machines.

Since moving to the Whitehouse, 45 has...

*Created EVERY death and hate crime by issuing the #Muslimban and repeatedly trying to reissue under new guises. Many people have lost their lives, homes, family, friends, country. BLOCKED BY SUPREME COURT.

*Ordered attack in Yemen, killing 30+ including women, children, a teacher and a Navy seal. Along with the needless loss of lives, this cost millions $$$ and blew up a brand new aircraft. Obama had previously dismissed the mission due to lack of intelligence.

*Been recorded (referring to any women he came across)  "I grabbed them by the pussy. Some of them were married too. You can do anything when you're famous".

*Repeatedly attempting to disband the Affordable Care Act, along with his GOP compardres. Taking healthcare away from children, elderly, disabled, veterans, humans! Some have died. Many will.

*Continues to refuse Womens Rights by acts such as ceasing funding to Planned Parenthood. Leaving women unable to access vital clinics, cancer screening, medication, birth control and abortions.


This appalling, greedy, lying excuse for a human being is under investigation by a Special Prosecution as we speak.

PLEASE SIGN & SHARE with everyone you know.

2 previous petitions had been active....UNTIL THE SNAP ELECTION...Over 1.5 million signatures lost!





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