Unsolicited nude images / videos should be criminalised.

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Flashing is illegal so why isn’t sending an unsolicited intimate photo? 

As Sophia Ankel in The Guardian says:

"Random and unsolicited sending of sexual images or videos from men to young women, notoriously referred to as “dick pics”, is all too common. Even if you haven’t unwillingly received a picture of a man’s genitalia, then you most probably know someone who has. In fact, with technology infiltrating every aspect of our private lives, this unwelcome input from male strangers has become so normal that – just like wolf-whistling on the street – it is frequently ignored and brushed off and, in some cases, even laughed about. But sending unsolicited sexual images is not a joke. It is violating behaviour that cannot be tolerated and should never be normalised."

Let's put a stop to it once and for all.