In Any Form United Kingdom Should Not indulge in India Internal Affairs

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There have been protests against India government in UK held recently in London and other parts of UK, where India government has introduced new farm laws for the benefit of their own country, the bill has passed India parliament. And it is nothing to do with UK and the people of UK though those people have India origin, and those India origin people who have become citizens of UK. Those communities, with a hidden agenda, protesting against India and Indian government, and specifically targeting the current prime minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi Ji. Even some of the UK Member of Parliament (MPs) representing areas where ethnic Indian are majority, shamelessly raising this as an issue in UK parliament and some ethic schools are forcing their pupil to write letter to Boris Johnson, causing hate and divide among young minds. I strongly feel any of such acts are against india internal affairs, and no other country has right to discuss or allow any such protests as described above to happen on their land and in their parliaments. It is purely Indian Internal Affairs, and UK should not indulge in India internal affairs in any form what so ever.