UK government to condemn Donald trumps retweet of Britain first post.

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Donald trump continues to spread his hate throughout his presidency. This time he's  using a far right extremists organisation (Britain first) tweets to show everyone how much of a hate monger he is.

The UK government needs to distance itself from this,  by simply staying quite is not good enough we need our government to come out and condemn his actions as we would do to anyone who spreads extremists views.

All this tweet does from trump is fuel hate which is directed to normal Muslims going about their daily lives. 

I call on everyone who has love for thier fellow human being to tell the government that the UK is not filled with hate but with people who are working to live together no matter the race or religion. Together we can make it happen by making sure our government represents us as the people of UK who do not agree to Trumps world view.

So please my fellow brits let's show him what the UK really represents. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Love, peace and respect