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Maternity rights for mothers of premature babies should start at birth but be extended to when the child's corrected age is 39 Weeks, approx. 9 months - As it is with full term babies.

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When you have a premature baby, it's not fair that a fair amount of your maternity leave is spent in hospital. You get less time than everyone else even though you have more to deal with and more to come to terms with. 

Financial constraints and Separation anxiety brought on by the thought of returning to work soon after a premature birth add to the trauma. There are more premature babies than you are aware of  and employment law does not make any provision for the parents who go through this traumatic experience thereby penalising them for a situation they have no control over.

I am therefore requesting the House of Commons change the law to make allowances for this situation.


I have been asked many questions since I started my petition. I know there are several scenarios that can occur with pregnancy and maternity rights. I'm only fighting a battle I've unfortunately become familiar with.
And yes. This change I'm proposing is to start with mother's of prem babies. I'm by no means diminishing the traumatic experiences of other mums who have struggled, but if your baby was full term, you had time to buy the cot,the pram, time to plan financially for your time off work and attend parent craft classes.
For parents of premature babies, that is not the case. Despite the fact that you are hoping that your child survives and you are spending hours and hours by their side in hospital, You still have not been able to prepare for everything else? Then you bring your baby back home after 4 months in hospital and suddenly, it's time to go back to work while your child is medically only about 4 months old.

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