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To save Brexit before democracy is crushed, Theresa May must be impeached.

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Despite doom-laden prophecies that the sky would fall, on 23 June 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Since then, in open defiance of the people, parliament has dragged its feet – led by our illustriously inept Prime Minister. This is unacceptable.

Lest we forget, there were no preconditions on the ballot paper, nor did we vote to buy our freedom. Consequently, parliament is obliged to fully extricate us from the EU, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, without paying an exit fee. It is not entitled to an opinion on the matter, nor to delay or subvert the process in any way whatsoever. The only option available to members who disagree is to step aside, not obstruct.

Regarding the means of separation, there are two obvious choices. The first is to repeal the 1972 Act of Accession. The second is to follow Article 50 (of the Lisbon Treaty) which places NO financial penalties or obligations upon countries that choose to leave. It therefore follows that demanding monies that are not due, while making veiled threats, is illegal – it’s called extortion.

Similarly, offering monies for preferential treatment is also illegal – it’s called bribery. Soliciting ‘incentives’ is illegal too, so whichever way we look at the matter, any payment Britain might make that exceeds its obligations, must be prohibited. It would also signal that we are weak and corrupt – hardly a wise move when we seek to reassert ourselves on the world stage.

So, bearing in mind that ‘Dolly Do Nothing’ has already delayed our departure by nine months, at great expense, and is now seeking by sophistry to postpone it further (at even greater expense) she is guilty not only of conspiring against the law, but of conspiring with foreign powers against the will of the people.

We therefore believe that...

  1. In the absence of resignations, Theresa May should be disqualified from office, and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible in law, alongside Hammond and Rudd.
  2. In the absence of retractions, arrest warrants should be issued against all EU officials who have demanded money from, or made threats against the UK.
  3. Parliament should formally endorse the result of the referendum, vowing to enact it as quickly and efficiently as possible, while refusing to pay one penny more than is required by law. On this subject, let’s be clear, Germany may owe reparations to Poland, but Britain owes no such debt to the European Union – quite the reverse in fact. Nor are budgetary shortfalls our concern.
  4. Parliament should update the members oath as follows:
    I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the countries of the United Kingdom, their people and the monarch, placing their wishes and interests above all others, in accordance with law.
    This pledge might help to focus the minds of senior civil servants too.
  5. Preparations should begin immediately, at all levels of government, to meet the challenges not only of our accelerated departure, but also of EU intransigence.
  6. Businesses should be warned formally to expect WTO rules to apply when we leave, and to make contingency plans to thwart petty revenge – by seeking markets and suppliers elsewhere.
  7. On ‘Liberation Day’ (not later than 31 March 2019) full control should be asserted over our borders, our courts, our fisheries, and all other matters expected of a sovereign state, with no compromises whatsoever. If problems follow, we simply fire the incompetents responsible, and muddle through.
  8. In accordance with the needs of sovereignty, the constitution should be amended such that every effort is made to return vital industries, property and infrastructure to domestic control. Additionally, we must revisit existing contracts, and refuse to sign any treaties that stifle this objective.
  9. In accordance with the need for fiscal prudence, the constitution should be amended so that future governments are required not only to balance the books, but to base expenditure on past receipts, rather than projections. This is the only way to ensure that our debts are paid off, and our grandchildren grow up in a country richer than today, rather than poorer. However, in an increasingly dangerous world, defence of the realm must always take precedence.
  10. In accordance with good sense, overseas aid should be funded in future by voluntary donations, collected by HMRC, and matched by government (if so desired). The current link to GDP wastes money that the country cannot afford.

Furthermore, after due consideration, most people will agree that wasting public money costs lives. If we extrapolate, suggesting that one life is lost for every million pounds thrown away, a bribe of £18 Billion represents the sacrifice of 18,000 British lives. This is outrageous, particularly as the true figure is probably much higher. Put simply: ‘Money wasted, equals lives lost’.

As for the mythical ‘deal’ that dullards invariably like to discuss... Britain chose to leave the EU in order to become a sovereign state. That decision was unilateral, meaning that there is no deal to make, and little to discuss – only obstacles to overcome.

Of course, a trade agreement might be realised before we leave. However, it won’t be on equitable terms while the EU continues to oppose both democracy and divorce. Indeed, of the five stages of grief, it remains trapped between anger and denial, meaning that the more we offer, the more it will demand, hoping that we’ll slowly succumb to inertia... as May, Rudd and Haw Haw evidently intend – hence the transitional deal.

Finally, this petition is little more than a demand that parliament enact the will of the people. If it declines to do so, in full, it will lose all legitimacy. Moreover, those (treacherous, arrogant, sanctimonious and thoroughly contemptible) elitists, who have sought to frustrate Brexit, arguing that plebeians are too unwashed to understand the issues, should hang their heads in shame, and pray very hard that’s as close as they come to a rope – for if democracy is denied, who knows where it will end!

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