To reverse/stop the extra £10,000 expenses for MP's working from home.

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To stop/reverse the decision for MP's to receive or claim an additional £10,000 in expense for working from home. 

Members of parliament should be in the same boat as the rest of the British people and follow their own strict guidelines. 

If they are able to work from home they should do so, and if they can't perform their duties they should be put on furlough and get paid up 80% of their salary to the maximum £2,500.00 per month.  

Any additional cost from working at home should easily be offset by the reduction of cost from travel/transport and food.  MP's already receive £26,000 a year for office cost, to increase this by 38% is unacceptable and an insult to the NHS workers who are still having to pay out of their own salaries for PPE.