To make the government create a bill to block the NHS from trade deals and privatisation

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With this petition, I'd like for us as the voting people do what we can to ensure the protection and preservation of our NHS, by making the Government produce a bill that blocks the NHS from trade deals and further privatisation. Not just for this government but for every government that follows. For the sake of the NHS the heart of the UK we must as one voice defend the NHS. 

During the election campaigns the NHS has been a focus point, and by making the government proactively form a bill to protect the NHS from any and all trade deals and privatisation, the uncertainty can end. Please sign this petition to protect your NHS to protect our NHS, to protect one of most precious parts of the UK.

So in conclusion by signing this petition. You are saying no to the NHS being in a trade deal and no to further privatisation.

The government must and should do as promised during the campaign. 

Thank you for your support. And thank you for your signature.