To make OFWAT enforce 'section 94 of WIA "to cleanse maintain and keep flowing our sewers"

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This subject is somewhat different – I’ve been involved with community projects these past few years including the sitting in on the Local Plan examination in public  for Guildford in late June and July and trying to persuade OFWAT and the Government  that 40 years between inspections to enable 'Cleanse Maintain and keep flowing'  of our sewers is not acceptable.  Elsewhere in the world proactive cleaning is normal with approximately 8 year clearing cycle.....

  • to 'maintain' you must know what you are maintaining
  • to do this you must 'inspect' and
  • to inspect you must lift manholes to discover what lies beneath.

40 years between inspections cannot be considered acceptable by any measure in any country in the world

Sewer Failures - across the country  "fat bergs in London" are as a direct result of failure to proactively clean - not what is placed in the Sewers (but you shouldn't put that down there!) For sewers have needed cleaning since Roman Times - nothing has changed save in England 'we don't clean until they block'. Failure to maintain is leading to catastrophic spills into our rivers and it will only get worst. The worse the partial blockage the more rapid that blockages gets as it reaches the top of the pipe.

This petition may seem strange subject it is engineering after could save you a lot of distress in the future. Currently OFWAT consider that not raising manholes to inspect our sewer systems for 40 years is acceptable and complies with the statute statement under section 94 of the Water Industries act 1991 to 'Cleanse, maintain and keep flowing.' Last week The government petition web site has accepted my petition, to get this changed.

I would very much appreciate support in changing:

  • A 'reaction' to clean when totally blocked,
  • to a proactive stance such that when the additional half million houses are added to our system which has limited spare capacity then at least we all have a chance not to be flooded out..

youtube gives an insight to what happens at , this video was made in direct response to an event Last August when it took Thames water 33 days to clear a blocked pipe leading from 5,500 homes to the treatment plant.  2.7 million gallons pumped into tankers, and a discovery that a syphon existed under the  river Wey Navigation which was not 'on record' despite Thames water PLC being paid by the people of the South East for those 40 plus years to clean their sewers.  This is totally unacceptable but OFWAT re markedly consider it is - This matter needs raising in parliament..... and directions given to OWFAT to enforce section 94

The petition to get OFWAT called to account is at – “require proactive cleansing of our sewers under section 94 of the water act 1991” UK Government and Parliament.

Many thanks for all who sign and 'splash' this petition around friends and family right across the country for every household is affected by this failure to cleanse maintain and keep flowing our sewers, for it is not what is placed in the sewers which causes blockages, eventually they will block naturally, it is the failure of the water undertakers to check and clean siphons every two years and pipes every eight years that the problems have been caused..

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