To make it an offence for men to send unsolicited penis photos.

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Yesterday I was sent an 'unsolicited dick pic' via Facebook, because I turned down a stranger's unwanted sexual advances.

To warn other women and seek advice, I posted screenshots of his messages to my own timeline (with a content warning) and Facebook, in their wisdom, punished me for breaking "Community Standards", and blocked me from being able to use my own account, while the man who harassed me, and who I and multiple people reported, was still active.

It is not acceptable that men can be allowed to continue with such predatory behaviour and the women who try to warn others get punished. Unwanted sexual advances and indecent exposure would not been acceptable in public so they should not be acceptable on social media or elsewhere. 

We need to change the toxic culture in which sexually aggressive men continue to get away with intimidating and harassing women, because we have become desensitised to such actions and learn to shrug it off.

I am calling for the practise of sending 'unsolicited dick pics' illegal and for social media platforms to to take a zero tolerance approach towards the perpetrators. I am also imploring women to stop brushing off unwanted acts of intimidation and harassment by reporting the perpetrator and 'outing' them when possible.

We do not have to tolerate this and we must work together to stop this kind of behaviour becoming the norm. Join me #OutThem x