To legalise medical cannabis for children in the uk with epilepsy and serious conditions

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History was made last week when 2 little boys were given the right to access medical cannabis for epilepsy. Sadly that’s not even a drop in the ocean as there are thousands of children and families suffering the same fate. Living with a child with serious disabilities or life threatening conditions is very hard, you worry every day whether they will be here tomorrow. My son Eddie is 6 year old and suffers from drug resistant epilepsy, the medication he is on doesn’t work and not only that it also suppressed his development. He’s on a combination of medication that has horrible side affects and impacts on his every day life. He is considered very high risk from death due to seizures, if the law has changed for 2 boys then it should be changed for children like Eddie, how can one life be more important than another. More children need access to medical cannabis (thc) to give them the quality of life they deserve, I’m hoping the British public will get behind us on this as time isn’t on our hands and more children will lose their lives daily. We need to stop the suffering today.