To have the right to defend ourselves #FreeHus

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The reason for this petition is to highlight the issues of increases in violent behaviour within our country United Kingdom and to make sure that artists like JHus and members of society do not get imprisoned for self defence.

In London and across the UK there has been a rise in violence where lives are being lost before it even started. I had to go to a funeral where I had to see the families devestation where Amaan Shakoor was unarmed when he was shot and killed and his friend stabbed. The government has struggled to tackle the problem leaving the members of the community scared to leave their homes in fear of being the next victim. We have a right to defend ourselves and everyone we love when the police can't during times of a squeezed economy with limited opportunities.

We need to find a solution to the long term problem with a short term fix of defence; as this is for ourselves the people. Due to many budget cuts when it comes to the United Kingdom's Police and the fact of many police men and women are not going to be around for us 24/7 to protect the people who are in need of protection the most. The example being JHus, a UK rapper JHus being convicted for possession of an offensive weapon has been due to the government crackdown on weapons. The performer/song writer who not only was an idol to many. The problem with this is most of us living in high crime areas feel safer when we carry a weapon of some sort. It acts as a deterrant like how we use nukes to deter nukes destroying our beloved city but we are talking about individual lives.

There is also the fact that when it comes to the most of the people in the UK, including school children and college students who are the highest "offenders". They are scared to be around the streets and have been carrying as a means to not feel scared and or feel like they can be out with their friends. This arguement can go to the adults as well. Just like Jhus who has been protecting himself and also possibly friends also.

"I had a knife pulled on me when I was 13 years old and as a young boy I lost confidence in police keeping me safe. It led to me carrying a knife in school just incase someone threatened to stab me or take my phone again. I never carried it with the intention of stabbing anyone except those who put a knife to me which by law I would be able to use reasonable force to protect myself. I had plenty of fights in school while I had a 3 inch knife on me but never used it on anyone no matter if I lost the fight. I was mentally scarred by the experience but I know maybe it was not the best option while risking my freedom to keep myself safe. What choice did I have as a 13 year old boy scared of being robbed again unarmed?" - AJGhostar

For a quick short-term fix I propose instead of carrying offensive weapons to defend ourselves, that we create a policy where we are allowed to carry non-lethal defensive weapons. I fear so many innocent people who are targetted because they are doing well for themselves like JHus that carry weapons for protection will be charged for wanting to protect themselves while police struggle to convict killers like the ones who killed Amaan Shakoor. I feel like the current system wants targetted people to be dead before we can even do anything to save our lives. Had Amaan and his friends were equipped with legal defensive weapons they would have had a greater chance of survival. Defensive weapons such as tazers or even CS sprays that stuns attackers. More is needed to allow the average citizen to protect themselves and their family. Why are we going to lock up people with morals simply because they carried a weapon for protection while the government cut our security budget?

The long-term fix I propose is using Brexit to our advantage and bringing jobs and opportunities back to the home grown. The David Cameron era cut education spending towards trade skills and promoted the EU filling in the skills gap. That literally stole our opportunities of a better life and put home grown citizens on the streets before they even had a chance. This will take at least 5 years to fix. We also need artists of influence such as JHus to reverse the damage of 'Drill' music which has conditioned minds to be more violence and even promotes rape like its nothing which I found disgusting. Instead of punishing him for carrying a weapon, it will be more beneficial if you use his influence and special talents to turn his attention to promoting anti-knife crimes and respect for eachother. Music is a subliminal mind conditioning tool that indirectly impacts society. It will be a waste to throw away one of the good ones who can change the UK's way of thinking via Music.

We dont want members of our families dead for being at the wrong place and wrong time or women we love being defenseless against predators. I really do hope you strongly consider my short-term and long-term fix to this whole issue and impliment right away without delay.

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