To get at least one mental health first aider in all businesses/Companies/institution

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My name is Joe, I’m 23 years old from Port Glasgow just outside Glasgow in Scotland.

My goal is to have more mental health first aiders available to workers and professionals alike, I want every registered UK business/company/institutions to have at least one mental health first aider per location or office

In 2015 18 million working days were lost to mental health illnesses. It can cost employers up to £28 billion a year. In my area it can be a 6 week wait to get seen by someone this is after you wait 2 weeks to be referred. This is unacceptable and having this onsite support would I’m sure lower waiting times and lift the burden a little for people. To have that someone to talk to is sometimes all you want and need.

I recently left my job due to mental health issues in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.The lack of onsite support has encouraged me to help others. In this place of work which I’ll not mention for obvious reasons, I would have weekly Welfares and even had an occupation health appointment(This is when the company use an external service which employs doctors to evaluate the situation to see if your employer can do anything else) This for me is not enough, when you work in a stressful environment like a call centre which I did it’s simply not good enough. On three occasions I left work early in the pursuit of ending my life with the most recent the 16th May it was then the day after I left. I think having someone in a place of work that understands and can help the way you are feeling would make a big difference, I lost my team in work eventually, they were my second family they along with my family are all I had to be honest I’m very much a recluse and going to work, coming home was my routine, There was people in my team that was my support network and now I’ll probably never talk to them again cause they didn’t understand and knew how I felt. 

I feel if I had a mental health first aider onsite it would’ve help me greatly and even others that may not understand mental health, there is a stigma around mental health whether it would be in men,Young people or even children. In professional football many clubs are pushing for mental health first aiders, what makes them different to any other job any other 9-5,These footballers are amazingly talented guys and girls that suffer like all of us and we suffer like them. Let’s use there courage,inspiration and commitment to get this UK wide. I was a first aider on site and only first aid I done was sign people out and dish out plasters, I understand there is health professionals out there to help but some people don’t want the fuss and hassle, some people don’t have the time, I’m not asking for a psychiatrist to be employed to every company/business I’m wanting someone to have that one person they can talk to face to face and identify the needs and seriousness of the way the person is feeling.

Update on myself, I’m getting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is helping, There is individuals that have supported me to many to name and thank personally. 


Please can you help share and sign this petition and help others like me that may be suffering in silence xx

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