To allow a retrial after an innocent verdict if a judge,cps or victim feel it's wrong

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Oj Simpson , Casey Anthony both famous cases the connection of these are they have both been found innocent of murder via trial , yet society and evidence points to their guilt . They "got lucky "! That day a jury decided to set them free , OJ went on to reoffend ...

""I think you are potentially one of the most dangerous young men who has ever appeared in front of me. Your perverted interest in young girls is a matter of grave concern.

"You say you were treated unjustly and that the policeman ‘had it in for you’. The policeman in question is an experienced officer who has dealt with many of these cases and in his view you are dangerous, and based on the evidence I have heard during the course of your trial, I share that view."

There was what can only be described as a bizarre and anomalous decision by the jury and you may regard yourself as extremely fortunate.

"I hope you realise the enormity of the situation in which you find yourself, I hope you realise the trauma you have caused your victims."

One of the most DANGEROUS young men a established judge has EVER come across ! These are all statements from a rape and assault case where the defendant was found guilty of one of the twelve charges.

This includes others that had committed heinous crimes , yet this young man is walking free because a jury decided he is innocent .Their decision baffled the judge . It baffled the prosecutor . It baffled his four victims .

If a criminal is found guilty and the judge deems the jury to be emotionally swayed , or "wrong " the judge can intervene and retrial .

If a criminal is found guilty and they disagree , they can get a retrial .

However if a judge disagrees with a jury's innocent verdict they cannot request a retrial .

If a VICTIM disagrees then they cannot request a retrial .

Our legal system favours the criminal over the victim , it needs re-evaluation , it needs updating . It costs innocent people their lives . It needs to be unbiased . We preach equality and fairness yet live in a society where the guilty walk free because the legal system protects the criminal .

Imagine these circumstances .... your child is attacked and raped  , other individuals have admitted being assaulted by this individual . The evidence points to guilt .This is my reality . Four victims who didn't know one another . Four innocent young girls .

However the jury think to themselves this young man deserves a chance to change , maybe if they find him innocent of the majority and guilty of one he will "learn his lesson " .He is now drug and drink free , getting his mental health issues in check , he deserves a chance ..."

Wouldn't you want the opportunity to listen to the judge ? wouldn't you want the judge , cps or victim to be given an equal right of a retrial ? Wouldn't you feel that it's unfair the justice system is biased ? 

All I'm asking is for a judge , prosecutor or victim to be able to take a case to a high court judge to ask for a retrial , to have a fair and equal justice system !

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