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Theresa May to resign as UK Prime Minister

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We the people of the United Kingdom no longer wish to recognise Theresa May as the Prime Minister of our country. We feel that she does not represent British values.

Following the 2016 EU Referendum she has repeatedly failed to make public her exit strategy meaning that MPs in the House of Commons have only recently been given an opportunity to review this plan. It has been widely publicised that she has attempted to subvert the British democratic process by disallowing MPs to vote upon this strategy to such extent that a member of the public has had to obtain a ruling from the Supreme Court to show that she does not have the authority to act unilaterally. We believe this demonstrates a contempt for the British people, British law, and British democratic process which renders her unfit for the position.

In addition to her apparent unwillingness to abide by British law, she has also turned her back on the 48% of voters who do not want to see Britain withdraw from the EU. We believe this shows that she does not truly represent her claim to build "A country for everyone," and that this is also a betrayal of her stance that Britain should remain in the EU. As such, we feel that she cannot be trusted in this position.

Following Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban' she (at the time of writing this) has failed to condemn his position that sees 134 million people, including many British citizens, banned from entering the United States based upon a policy of blanket discrimination. We believe that this shows further unsuitability for her position as, in failing to condemn such vast discrimination, she is essentially perceived as condoning this action - a condonation that we the people view as contradictory to British values of tolerance. We also believe that this reflects negatively on the United Kingdom as a whole, and may have dire repercussions for the country if the situation begins to escalate.

We the people ask that Theresa May allows the public to vote either for or against her proposed plan to withdraw from the EU, and we the people also ask that Theresa May resigns, and holds a General Election which would allow British citizens to determine which party governs us during this time of global crisis.

We recognise that we cannot force this outcome, but we will continue to protest until our voices are heard, and we WILL ensure that the Conservative party are voted out of British politics in the 2020 election.

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