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Theresa May should resign.

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Theresa May called an election believing she could increase the majority of the Conservative Government.

The result of the election was the Conservative Party losing seats with no out right majority. Theresa May has now decided to form a government with help from the Democratic Unionist Party, who's policies include anti same sex marriage, anti abortion, wish creationism taught along with science in schools and wish the reinstatement of the death penalty.

This is clearly the sign of a person desperate to hold onto their office and more over questions their ability to successfully govern the United Kingdom in the best interests of the British people.

In particular, with Brexit negotiations to commencement shortly, a strong Prime Minister who doesn't take their country for granted is required.

Theresa May took a huge gamble on an unnecessary election and catastrophically failed, therefore she is unfit to continue as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She must do the honourable thing and resign. 

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