The law of equality in the workplace SHOULD cover those with tattoos

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The idea to start this petition was for years in my mind.Everything become clear when myself started being a victim of discrimination because of my tattoos.Is not only in the workplace -it was everywhere people have always told me that I cannot have a respectable job because my body is half covered in tattoos.Even if I have a BsC in Financial Economics, even if i am planning my Master and PhD.

While getting inked may no longer be viewed as a radical statement, people who have theirs uncovered at work are more likely to face discrimination – with a visible tattoo often seen as a legitimate reason to withhold a job offer.

A 2014  poll found a whopping 77 per cent of employers may be less likely to hire someone with tattoos.

In 2017 — with at least one in five UK citizens having a tattoo ,so it is reasonable to conclude that many graduates currently looking for a job have some form of body art — getting inked actually hurt your chances of get hired or if you are lucky enough to get hired-you have to cover your tattoos at work. In other words you have to cover your own personality because of an employer personal preference,the well-known "company policy.Is still legal for companies to fire peoplebased on a visible tattoo.In the UK and many others EU countries, workplace equality laws do not cover tattoos as a protected characteristic. This means employers can base their hiring decisions on someone’s body art – with an exception for religious or beliefs-related markings under the 2010 Equality Act.the law on equality in the workplace does not cover those with tattoos as a protected characteristic. 

Even if people with tattoos have to go through lot of descrimination the law have not been changed.This petition could help houndreds of people to not be victims of descrimination because they have any form of body art.