The Greed & Perk Culture of Westminster Must STOP.

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Like many, I am sick and tired of reading about the perks and allowances given to MPs and members of the House Of Lords. It's not as if the recipients are in dire need, many are already wealthier than most of the people they govern will ever be. Last week they were heaping praise on those who fought on D-Day, this week they are taking away their free TV licences. This is one small insight into the mindset of the beast. In the name of common decency, this culture of greed and perks and to Hell with everyone else simply has to be reformed.

I don't claim to know every intricate detail as I only follow the mainstream media like everyone else. However, I don't feel that my comments will be too far from the truth. Let's start with the tax-free £300 attendance allowance for members of the House of Lords. I've heard of members stopping outside in taxis and just nipping inside to sign the attendance record before swanning off for the day. We've all seen footage of members fast asleep in the chamber, we've all heard of members who have contributed absolutely nothing and are in it purely for the money and perks. How can this be right? How can £300 a day be justified? Who decides that this is fair? How can this be changed? It must be changed!

Westminster sits atop a wine cellar worth millions of £'s. The House of Lords even has an annual budget for champagne and they all eat the best food in heavily subsidised dining facilities - subsidised by us. We have ex-service people with health problems who cannot get help and are living rough on our streets. We have citizens who need food banks to provide for their families despite them working every hour they can get. We have sick people being declared 'fit for work' and dying because of what the Government is doing to the benefits system and some who feel that the only way out of the misery imposed upon them, is to end their lives. All this and more takes place in this country and a group of greedy old people get paid £300 a day just to turn up somewhere to eat, drink champagne and sleep. This cannot be right. With people being denied life-saving treatments because the NHS deems it too costly, this CANNOT be right. 

To all MPs - you have a well-paid job. Like other normal jobs, you are allowed to claim back money you spend on normal things if they are a part of your day-to-day working life, such as travel costs and meals. You will get a good pension - you have enough. Many of you are already independently wealthy anyway - you have enough. Many of you will move on to various lucrative jobs and deals - YOU HAVE ENOUGH. However, some of you obviously feel that you don't have enough, so you try to fiddle the system, you 'forget' to declare income and investments, you claim for petty things and you get second jobs whilst sitting as MPs. I feel that if an MP gets a second job then either their constituency is some kind of Eden with no problems for them to address or they are simply plain greedy. This culture of doing whatever the hell you like MUST stop.

The whole culture of Westminster needs to be reformed in a more modern and fair way. Some independent body needs to be created and empowered to take a long hard look at what goes on there - a council of elected people from all walks of life perhaps, people who know what reality is! Someone has to police the system because in its current form it is offensive, vile and sickening.